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01/31/13 welcome to Superboo X

01/31/13 – Well, welcome to the first Thursday Review since we retired at the end of April, 2011. After we retired I did the Friday Update until the water warmed up in July and then just let both of them just sit while we adjusted to being retired. I figured it was time to start them up again so here goes.

See one you'd like to try - pick it upI have a good topic for this one. It’s Superboo X and I wanted to remind everyone that it’s this weekend (February 3th). Superboo is a joint venture between Lawrence Junior High School and FFIM ( that centers on Bamboo fly rods and provides a great mid-winter break for those of us ready for an mid-winter outing. And it’s free.

Here are some details:
It is held at Lawrence Junior High.
The date is February 3th, which is Superbowl Sunday.
Doors will open at 8 am, and people will understand if you leave early enough to get home for the game.
Rods are color coded by line weight instead of rod length (colored bands on the reel seats)
If you sign in (names are not shared) there are door prizes.

Take exit 132 off I-95 and turn downhill.  Watch on your right for Lawrence Junior High signs. For those using a GPS punch in 7 School Street, Fairfield, 04937.

It really is free and you don’t have to cast you can just come and look. But if you’ve ever

Color Coded

had the urge to “just try one” this is the place to do it.  You don’t have to know a thing about Bamboo – just try a few of these fine rods and see if you like one.

If you find a bamboo rod you like and are curious about it you’ll find it easy to get questions answered.  There’s even a good chance someone will say “if you liked that one try this one” or “if you liked that rod let me introduce you to the guy who built it.” It happens.

If you have a bamboo rod and you’d be willing to let others try it you can register your rod in and put it on the rack with the others.  That’s how most of the rods get on the rack.  People just bring them in and share them. Some of the people sharing rods are collectors, some build rods and some are just people who have a bamboo rod or two.

It is a great opportunity to cast or just look at some fishing tools ranging from works of art to experimental units people whipped up (they’d love to hear your feedback).

Setting up

If you’re even slightly interested in bamboo (plenty of old fiberglass there last year as well) you should come to this event. Trying cane is as easy as picking a rod up off a rack like the one at the top of the page . There are several other racks.

If you do try a rod just take it off the rack and head to the back of the gym.  A big sign shows the “safe entry” point – out of backcast range 🙂 then just walk to an empty lane and start casting.  Just plain fun.

Oh,and if you’ve got a bamboo rod and aren’t sure what it’s worth or if you  should fish it. Or if you have rod in need of repair your can get an appraisal or repair estimate just for asking.

Oh, I like this one

And if Bamboo doesn’t interest but you want to get out on a February day and spend some time talking fly-fishing – well – come on down. You’ll find there are slide presentations on Maine Ponds, Furling leader demonstrations, talks on reels and a bunch of interesting people.  All in all it’s a fun, free and interesting way to spend the day.  Hope to see you there.