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04/01/11 – high water

04/01/11 – Happy April Fool’s Day. And I’ve gotta say I could have done without this April Fool’s

Wyman Dam on the Kennebec River - Maine

snow. But the snow didn’t stop some hardy souls from getting out. At Wyman Dam this morning there were three guys casting from shore. It’s a little hard to see them so I made little red arrows pointing at them. They’re down there – honest.

The Trolling Guys were also out there. Looking downstream I could see two boats – two guys in each boat. A little further downstream at the landing there was another boat. The guys trolling right out in front of landing boated a fish while I was watching. However, I forgot to put a memory stick in my camera and when I pulled the camera up to snap a photo of the guy netting his fish – I got a memory full message – no picture 🙁

Bingham boat launch

The flow certainly wasn’t bad for this time of year – about 6.000CFS. There are spots in Bingham I wade at 6,000CFS so if I really needed a fix I guess I could have waded in but instead I put off fishing so I could take pictures for this report 🙂 A sacrifice but I don’t mind.

When I moved downstream from Bingham I found much the same conditions at Solon. Water I could fish if I really – really wanted to push it. However, with this snow, 40’s tomorrow and Sunday and Monday approaching 50 these levels are as good as gone.

Trolling near the Bingham bridge

Despite the melt that has already happened but then again maybe not. My record for predicting the runoff isn’t so good – at least not for the last couple of seasons. However, while I’m on the topic of predictions I’m guessing 5/17/11 as the date for safe water flows for more than two days in a row at Shawmut.I think by the end of next week we’ll have flood warnings state wide. (showers in the forecast for most of next week after our good day on Monday).

Certainly there isn’t much bug activity out there. I have seen midges hatching and I’ve seen some of the early (little) black stones but that’s about it for bugs.

I didn’t stop at Madison on the way down so the only other pictures I have from today are of the rock pile just above the Solon bridge and another of Looking upriver from the Solon bridgeShawmut. The rock pile in Solon is just sticking out of the water and at Shawmut the White Rock was nowhere to be seen. There are no flashboards at Shawmut any longer. The replaced the with an inflatable bladder system and the bladder system seems to be working well.

Today there was water spilling over the top of the bladders but they were fully inflated.

I’ll be curious to see if they drop the bladders over the next few days with the rains coming. Seems like they’ll have to but one never knows.

Shawmut Dam