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04/19/13 Ice Going Out

04/19/13 – Lakes and ponds are opening fast now.  If you’re curious about a pond or lake there is a State of Maine website that contains historical ice out data along with current ice out dates as people phone them in.  The website is maintained by the State of Maine, Division of Parks and Lands  and I check it often.  The site also provides you with a list of webcams that show various waters

Ice will go out soon

around the state. This photo of Mt. Katahdin  and a lot of gray ice – that’s Pemadumcook Lake where Linda and I have a camp. I’ll know what day our lake opens.

In the meantime the rivers are rising every day. Flows up and down the state are showing the effects of the melt but in places they are holding back water while they can.  So the COLD, COLD upper reaches of the Kennebec are at fishable levels.  The East Outlet is at 511CFS all day. The West Outlet is only 101CFS but from there on down the water runs high all day today and I’d guess most of the next week or longer.

Harris Dam is up and down but mostly high today and Bingham and Solon are over 7,oooCFS – but you might be able to sneak off to a section of the Dead River this weekend – today it’s only running 147CFS.  That might change tomorrow so keep the flow phone number handy and call before you strike out.  Flow phone is 1-800-557-3569 or 1-800-557-FLOW of that’s easier to remember.

I didn’t have any luck in Belgrade for Pike – haven’t quit trying yet.  Between the cold wind and 40-degree water there isn’t much going on that I could see.  I saw other people trying and they didn’t have any luck – at least none that I saw.  I plan to give it another shot if we could just get a warm day I think things would start to pop out there.

Things will have to happen soon or I won’t get an early season pike this year because this week I’m heading south to start the Hendrickson Hunt.  I figure if our water is in the 40 to 44 degree range then water in the Kittery area must be approaching the 50 degree mark.   Time for me to do some poking around down that way.