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04/30/10 – cold – high water

04/30/10 – Still no wading in Shawmut. I did see the White Rock last week. It poked up for about three hours on Tuesday but went right back under. With 48 degree water I’m sure wishing I could get out there and fish for a bit. I’d like to know if any of last year’s fish are hanging around. Not to mention how much I’d likeShawmut Dam from East Shore to see if there are Rainbows still here since several people have reported catching one during the brief spells of fishable water.

Right now one of the three inflatable bladders is deflated and water is roaring over it. Lots of debris in the water and only about 2-feet of visibility. I went up this morning and tossed a few streamers from the ledges on the East shore but couldn’t scare anything up. I’m sure they couldn’t see my fly even if they were looking for it.

As you probably know the last rain caused another spike in the flow so I don’t hold much hope of wadable water until the end of next week. At least not here in Shawmut but upriver levels are dropping so we may see some wadable water soon. The East Outlet is running at 2,800CFS, which is certainly high but since the inflow from the Moose River has been cut back to 1,800CFS the East may drop soon. Call the flow phone (1-800-557-3569) to check if you want to fish it tomorrow or Sunday.

Harris is pulsing again but will be 5,000CFS most of the day and then will cut back to 3,750, which is a lot of water for the gorge. Flagstaff is running at 1,000CFS and that area got some snow instead of rain. That snow will go fast (if it isn’t already gone) but it could make some of the roads up there a tough haul. The snow also probably slowed the ice-out of some of the ponds around Cold Stream Pond. I think if I was heading to one of those ponds for ice-out fishing I’d bring my waders just incase I ended up fishing the inlets and outlets.

Bingham (Wyman Dam) is running at 7,550CFS all day and that’s another flow that could be cut back tomorrow or Sunday but again I’d call to check. William’s Dam (Solon) is running over 9,000CFS as is Madison – both high flows that can be fished but only from the edges and only in limited sections. If you try them you may have to share what limited water access there is.

The Carrabassett and Sandy both pushed way up with the rain but both are dropping fast. My guess in the Carrabassett will drop below 1,000CFS by tomorrow night and the Sandy will drop below 1,000CFS by Sunday night. Then it will depend on the flow of the main stem as to when the level will drop in the river but as I said above it will probably be the middle to the end of next week before we see that.

No mayflies yet – at least not in the river. I’ve got people coming in buying Hendrickson’s and Blue Winged Olives so something is going on somewhere. There are Alewives in Winslow/Waterville and Shad reports for some of the coastal rivers. I may have to throw my canoe in down to Waterville and see if perhaps a few Shad have made it to Hathaway. It’s early for them but much of what we know is early this year.

And finally I mentioned last week that Linda and I were headed to camp. Here’s a picture of a little brookie that was part of my reward for finding a new beaver dam last fall.

Brook Trout