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05/10/13 – All Systems GO

05/10/13 – The Kennebec is running well within it’s banks.  Unusual for this time of year. A normal flow would be in the 20,000CFS range but we’re running a very wadable 6,500CFS or so.  Nice – but scary because the water is warming fast.  We’re already getting 53 degree water – violets are up on my lawn and hatches will start soon.  Don’t miss it when the good hatches start because it might be all over be very quickly if this warming trend continues.

All up and down the river you’ll find good flows.  Good flows but light on the insect activity for the time being.  So I guess all the river systems are GO, now we’re just waiting on the bugs.

The Gorge feeding down to the Forks will be high for the Rafter Flush (oops I mean the Rafter BUMP in flow) which will be a small bubble for them to ride. The rest of the river is showing wadable flows.  Even Bingham is peaking out at only 4,000CFS – top edge of wading but still wadable and fishable water. Solon is only running 3,000CFS and it’s like that all up and down the river. Heck the East Outlet is only running 500CFS – Moosehead must be low.

I just got back from the Millinocket area and I can tell you the West Branch area has some 45 degree water still but sections of streams and lakes are up near the 50 degree mark.  No hatches to speak of – some Stones flying around and I did see a couple of Mayflies but couldn’t capture one to examine.

However, I can tell you the Salmon and Brook Trout are both hitting well.  This afternoon rain or shine I’m hitting Shawmut and tomorrow I’m heading south to find some Hendrickson Mayflies – they’ve got to be out down around Kittery, I’ll post and let you know.

In the meantime here are a couple of pictures from the West Branch, Penobscot River drainage. These two and others would only take steamers (floating smelt started it off for me – Thanks Ray) and then only certain ones.  I’d put nymphs down through a run, fish it with wets and then go through the same run (after honestly fishing it hard) with a streamer and it was almost certain I’d hook up.  So I know those fish were seeing my nymphs and wets they just didn’t want them.

Which streamers – Floating Smelt, Bead Head Minnow, LLama (got brookies galore on that – lost my last one after the trout below) and Light Edson Tigers were the big producers.


West Branch Landlock