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05/16/08 – fishing good

05/16/08 – Water temperature is 52 degrees – that means Hendricksons any day now. Which would be about right as I’m heading to GLS tomorrow and they normally start while I’m gone.  I don’t miss much in the way of dry fly action as it takes a few days for the fish to re-learn feeding off the top and I’ll be back by then.

As for being wadable – I waded it this morning. Here’s a picture of the White Rock.  Water Level IndicatorBelieve me when I tell you it was a chore getting out there and back.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it if the center gate was open but since it wasn’t and since I often tell people if it’s only showing by an inch I can wade to it I decided to try.  The flow is FAST AND HARD. In one spot I was waist deep and my STUDDED boots were just sliding over the gravel.  I just went with the push until they grabbed and got traction but it was hairy.  Water clarity is good as you can see in the picture on the left. Anyway, all that effort and no fish this morning.
Water clarity picture
But casting from shore the last two days I got fish.  Splake I think. Some people like Splake some don’t but I can tell you the fish I caught fought well and I like Splake with flythe pull of 16 to 18″ fish. These fish seemed to like the Montreal Whore although they took a Black Ghost as well. The picture on the right taken underwater is my first sub-surface picture with my waterproof camera.  Must be waterproof like they say as it’s still working.

So, although high, if you’re careful you can wade Shawmut.  The flashboards were sitting18" Splake in FPL’s unloading area and the barge/jonboat they use when they put them in was there as well so flashboards (baring big rains) should be going in soon.

Alewives are in Winslow and there are rumors of an occasional Striper they won’t be long.  Shad will be soon behind them.  Fishing is about to turn on – man – it was a long winter and dragged out spring – it’s about time.

It will still be awhile upriver as well.  Solon (William’s Dam) is at 6,000cfs all day today and will stay high until they start pulsing Bingham (Wyman Dam) but Wyman is staying at 6,500 all day today.  Check the flows by calling 1-800-557-3569. With Solon at 6,000 you can bet that Madison is at 6,000cfs and that’s a tough wading level at Madison.  However, it’s all dam flow the natural flow waters like the Sandy and Carrabassett have dropped enough so that when they decide to throw the switches the level will settle out.  So do call and check because by tomorrow we might have much better levels.  East Outlet is 3,183cfs all day – too much for me.  If you’re up there it’s worth a peak and you can catch fish at the level fishing from the edges but you won’t find me doing much wading there at that level.

Grand Lake Stream is at 343 and I’m a happy man.  That flow allows fish to move and makes for some decent fishing if you walk the stream like I do. When it’s down in the 250cfs range there aren’t many fish between the named pools and there isn’t a lot of movement between pools but at the 350cfs range there is movement.  Still better fishing in the pools but I like to hike and fish so like I said I’m happy with the flow level there.

Oh, one final note – Got a report yesterday from Bangor – 2 Atlantic Salmon caught – 9 in the trap.  Rumor has it Kenny Clark caught the first one – he’ll be here in the shop Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning covering for me – stop in and ask him.