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05/23/08 – fishing good

05/23/08 – Conditions are perfect at Shawmut.  Level is good, clarity great, water temperature is 55 degrees and this weekend should see dry fly activity as there has been little yet.  However, with the sunshine we’ll have the next three days things should pop.

This year’s Browns have been stocked and they look like the picture on the right.This year's stocked Brown Trout They are clipped and the clip is the right hand vent fin.  Showing this year's clipped fin These fish are active and fairly spread out already.  I haven’t caught any yet but there have been several reports of 16 to 18″ fish – both browns and rainbows – caught this week.  I’ll be looking for some of them this weekend.  Not much surface activity in the morning while I’m up there but Sunday and Monday I plan to be there from 2:00pm to 4:00pm (as a minimum) to see if the Hendricksons start.

There is indeed insect life and it’s active right now. The picture on the left shows the spun net of a caddis larvae and the one on the right is looking down into the net – if you expand the picture (click on it) you’ll see the net circled in red and the green larvae curled up in the bottom.

Caddis LarvaeCaddis spun net

There are also a bunch of Hendrickson nymphs and Golden Stones crawling around down below and later today I’ll try to get a video of a Golden Stone converted over to video streaming size so I can add it to this post.  Check back if you can.

All in all it’s a perfect Memorial Day fishing weekend.  When you’re out on the water this weekend pause and thank the veterans and active duty service men and women for the freedom we all enjoy.

Oh, almost forgot – flashboards are up and so the current out is the middle is mild compared to the Shawmut side flow which is its’ normal hard, but very navigable, push.

Here’s that Stonefly video – click this sentence anywhere.