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05/24/13 – Back from Grand Lake Stream

05/24/13 – Sorry about missing last Friday’s Update but I left for Grand Lake Stream about 5:00am and once up there there is little to

GLS Landlock

no internet access.  Good and bad in that 🙂 Thinking that might have changed I went into the Pine Tree Store and asked if the town had public internet access. The guy (don’t know if he is the new owner or a guy who was just filling in) replied “there’s Wifi at the Town Office and we have it here but you need the code” and without another word or pause he turned and walked away from me.  I didn’t ask for the code or where the Town Office was – didn’t buy anything either – and two days later when we needed to resupply things like coffee – we drove to Princeton.

Fishing on the lake wasn’t very productive. Few fish to the guys in our group that were trolling streamers or lures (mostly Mooselook Wobblers) but the one guy who still takes the time and makes the effort to fish sewn-on bait – well – again we gave him the dollar for the biggest fish.

However, I only fished the lake Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I figured I’d make my way to the stream after the weekend crowd left. I’m sorry I waited – the fishing was good.

Blue Winged Olive - Parachute

Most of my fish came to streamers – best producer – Supervisor – designed by Joe Stickney, of Rangeley.  While Streamers were the best producers I had the most fun with the Blue Winged Olive hatch.  Love that Blue Winged Olive parachute pattern.

Now I ran into a couple of guys who said they saw Hendricksons.  I didn’t.  I did use my net seine each time I saw a hatch and each time it was Blue Winged Olives that I got.  I figured I had made a proper identification because I was catching fish. Right or wrong the fish liked the pattern.

Not a sign of a caddis. No surprise there as over the last 30-years or so of my 3rd week of May trip to GLS I can count the times I caught a hatch of any type on my fingers.  But happily there were hatches and few black flies.

One of the Salmon I caught and released just swam out of my hands and then about five feet downstream stopped, turned, settled on bottom and hung there.  I couldn’t resist that offer so I got out my camera and shot a video of him.  It’s only a minute and a half if you want to watch it.  I didn’t have much luck with nymphs. Further proof that you have to use them to catch fish with them 🙂 It’s not that  I don’t nymph it just that I don’t nymph until all else fails and other things were working.

So much for GLS. I returned home hoping against hope that the Kennebec would be fishable but no such luck.  And with two more days of rain coming it’s going to be awhile.