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06/05/09 – fishing good

06/05/09 Hatches are on and fish are being caught most everywhere – HEY – it must be June 🙂

Water temperature is 62 degrees and the flow in Shawmut is 5,377 which is perfect. Sulphur mayflies have started – few Hendrickson mayflies left – Caddis (tan 14) are all over and in general if you go to the water you’ll see surface activity most any time of the day.

I have to admit I haven’t been able to take advantage of Shawmut’s water much at all so far this season. Things have worked out so that since going to GLS I’ve either been at camp on the weekends or just plain away. And, unfortunately my mornings have been taken up with the Casting Contest preparations and other various and sundry projects – but that’s going to change after tomorrow’s casting contest. From then on my mornings AND evenings are free and I’m planning on hitting the water more.

However, I’ve been getting reports and here’s one from a guy who bought a pair of waders on his way to Shawmut the day before yesterday. He stopped in this morning and said “I got a couple of Rainbows and Browns – the Browns were about 18″ and the hatches were great.” Can’t beat a report like that.

Those Rainbows have to be holdovers as there have been no Rainbows stocked for two years now. And I’m happy to say he’s not the only guy reporting holdover Browns as they have been scarce.

I’ve got to go out and finish up on the casting pond for tomorrow’s contest so this will be another short Friday Update but I’ll have a bit more time for them the rest of the summer. Right now though is THE time of the season to get as much fishing in as you can – it won’t get any better then what we’ll see for the next three or four weeks – get out there – somewhere and take advantage of this season – we’ve waited long enough for it to get here.

Sulphurs, remnants of the Hendricksons, Pale Evening Duns, Blue Winged Olives for mayflies – tan and olive Caddis all hatching now – black Caddis soon to start as are the Golden Stones – it’s on – Happy Days ahead.

Here are some flows – GLS 619CFS, Madison 4,770 CFS, Solon 4,100CFS, East Outlet 2,509CFS Flagstaff 302CFS, Bingham after 6:00PM tonight 4,100CFS – ALL FISHABLE FLOWS hard to decide where to go. Oh did I mention the West Branch and almost every trout pond is also fishing well.

So get out and fish and if you can stop by and try your hand in the Casting Contest tomorrow or if you can’t make it call in or make a donation online to the Casting Contest to support the Maine TU Trout Camp. Below is the blurb I wrote last week about it.

So have a good weekend – stay safe – fish hard and when you make plans for next weekend be sure and include stopping by here to enter the Maine Trout Unlimited Trout Camp CASTING CONTEST./a> (Saturday June 6th) And since so many of you, in past years, that can’t make the Casting Contest have entered without ever casting we’ve created a Non-Caster category. You can make a $15.00 donation and get a chance at winning an ORVIS TLS POWER MATRIX fly rod. Get more info by clicking here.

And last but not least our annual Spey Casting Class – taught by Jim Rusher – click this link for more information has been switched to August 15th and 16th. This time of year has proven to busy – read that the fishing is too good to spend a weekend at class. So we’ve postponed it until later in the season. So if you want to learn the ins and outs of Spey Casting give us a call and sign up.