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06/07/13 – Let it Rain

06/04/13 – Let it Rain – and it has – and it will continue. The 5 day forecast calls for 4-days of showers with one cloudy day to break it up a bit. The East Outlet is flowing at 7,623CFS and the flows stay high like that down the length of the river. There is hope as streams are dropping slowly and unless the showers turn into Gulf influenced downpours we’ll be back to safe levels soon.

The Carrabassett and Sandy have both fallen below the 1,000CFS mark and Spencer has likewise dropped to an almost normal flow.  With the unregulated flows dropping the impoundments will soon level off and regulated flow will resume.  So keep Shawmut Brown your fingers crossed and hope the heavy rains are pushed out to sea – the river can absorb a few showers.

Most smaller flows are producing and water temps are good right now.  I just got back from camp and the streams around Millinocket are full but fishable.  The West Branch is around the 3,000CFS mark and while many find that too high it is very fishable if  you don’t mind working the edges moving around a bit and trying a few new spots.

I’d like to see the levels drop soon as I’m home for awhile and would like another go at Shawmut. The brown you see on the left is one of the holdovers that I found and I’d like to find a few more.  Hatches are on and it’s a shame to waste good hatches because you can’t get on the water.

Don’t forget the smaller rivers and streams. Hit places like the Sheepscot, St. George and Grand Lake Stream and the Crooked (all of which have fishable flows right now) and before you know it the big rivers will be down to normal.