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06/10/11 – high water

06/10/11 – Well if you’re reading this then the jury rigged web hookup using all battery powered stuff is working and I can do these updates from camp. Cool stuff.

The West Branch of the Penobscot is running in the 3,200CFS range and fishing well. I was over there yesterday and I’d say fishing pressure is light. Flow is fast and levels are a bit high but a lot better than it has been.

Fishing out on the lake has been spotty. I’ve spent several evenings now looking for signs of fish. I haven’t seen many. I’m going to keep poking around in different coves and islands until I find some good fly casting somewhere on this lake. PlenSmall Troutty of fish but I can’t seem to catch them any way but trolling. Hard to fish a 10-mile long, 2-mile wide lake with a fly rod. Lot of area to cover 🙂

Stream fishing has been good. Small trout like this one for the most part but now and then some bigger ones. My two favorite beaver dams have been blown out and I don’t see any signs of rebuilding going on. One can hope.

The Kennebec is running high but is at least fishable. At least below the Forks. The East Outlet is at 3,500CFS and Harris is at 5,600CFS both too high for me.

The Dead is running about 500CFS and is worth fishing at that flow. It can be quite good. Moving down from the Dead to Bingham the flow is 5,150 all day. More water than some want but when you get there you know what you’ll have all day. That’s worth something. If you know Bingham you can certainly fish it at 5,000CFS you just have to be careful.

Williams (Solon) is at 6,000CFS and while wading is limited 6,000CFS isn’t a bad float level.

Madison and Shawmut follow suit. They are both high and fast but you can fish them if you pay attention.

Get out and fish – it’s happening.