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06/17/11 – fishing good

06/17/11 – The rivers and streams may still be high but if your not out doing it now your missing out. The Solon section is at 5,900CFS and that is high but you can fish it. Float trips are the best bet – there are nice fish being caught right now.

Two guides that you might want to look at are Sean McCormick of Blue Heron Guide Service who you can reach at (207) 549-3355 and email or Todd Towle of Kingfisher River Guides who you can reach at (207) 265-5823 and email at – both will show you some good dry fly action right now. Fish are up.

However, despite the hatches and fish looking up wading is tough. The East Outlet is flowing over 4,000CFS today, Harris is over 5,000CFS today and with no drop in flow from Harris it looks like the Forks will be high all day.However, if click on this sentence you’ll be taken to a forum post by riverangler on our forum that shows the fish are there.

Our Pale Evening DunsHendrickson hatch has pretty much come and gone. You’ll see these Pale Evening Duns which look just like the Hendricksons but are a bit smaller. Along with them you should start seeing some Cream Cahills and Sulphurs.

But don’t forget the caddis. There are plenty of them out and aboutCaddis Emerger now with more coming. Get yourself set up with some caddis emergers and adults. Pick a color – the blacks should be showing soon, tan and olive are out there in a number of different sizes. Oh, and stones.

Did I mention Stones? The stoneflies have been hatching right along – the dark ones. But my favorite the Golden Stone in on his way. There are plenty of nymphs crawling around on the bottom and some of the biggest down there are Golden Stones and they’ll be hatching soon.

So while the river is high it is fishable and it is warming up. Go do it now before the surface temps are up in the 70’s – that’s only a few weeks away. Now is the hatch/dry fly time get out there and do it.

A great area to “get out there” in is the Rangeley area and if you’ve got a mind to be over that way be sure and stop by the FFIM Conclave. It’s always a great time and I’m on my way over there to do doughnuts and some fishing. Hope to see you there. Check it out and get details by following this link.