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06/18/10 – fishing good

06/18/10 – It just doesn’t get any better than this. Great levels, great temps (water was 65 degrees last night at 9:30pm Leadwinged Coachman and Cahill mayfliesand is 61 degrees this morning) and there are lots of bugs hatching. The flipping picture on the left will show you the size of two of the mayflies we’re seeing right now. For mayflies our newest arrivals are the Leadwinged Coachman and Cahills. They are out in numbers along with some Sulphurs and the occasional Pale Evening Dun.

And did I mention that the caddis are still going strong. It’s a nightmare out there if the fish get selective because there are so many bugs on the water for them to choose from. Fortunately, the fish for the most part aren’t selective and cream to light yellow bodied mayfly patterns (14 to 20) are drawing interest along with any number of caddis patterns that are also doing well. The key as always is you’ve got to get out there to enjoy it.

And out there most anywhere is a good place to be right now. Flows are great up and down the river. The East Outlet is running at 1,223CFS, Harris is pulsing and shutting down to 325CFS at 3:00pm today. The Forks will be good evening water with the Dead River feeding in at 198CFS for a combined flow for the evenings fishing of something less than 700CFS.

Moving downriver to Bingham, which is also pulsing you’ll find a nice flow of 1,650CFS until 1:00pm and then a jump to a still fishable flow of 3,950CFS and then a drop back to 1,650CFS – nice. Solon and Madison are also running at great levels although I’m not sure why Solon is only 2,000CFS and Madison is running at 4,440CFS – I thought they were supposed to be fairly close in flow – shows what I know doesn’t it 🙂

Anyway, the news is all good. GLS is at 318CFS and the West Branch is running at 2,000CFS. Get out there and fish like I said earlier it doesn’t get any better than what it is right now. Actually, this may be the peak because the 80 and 90 degree temperatures we’re about to have may warm things up enough to slow things down.

Click here to follow a link to a video I took of a brown that was comfortable enough to hang around while I got my camera ready to do underwater video. Love those waterproof cameras.