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06/19/09 – good fishing

06/19/09 Things are good. Water temperatures have stayed down – 60 degrees out back in the river. That’s great for those of us who fly fish but it’s hard on the summer vacation people. When we were kids at camp on mornings like this our mother gathered us in the camp kitchen and hung a blanket over the door. Then cooking breakfast and making toast in the oven would warm the kitchen and at least we could start the day warm. But rain or shine we kids would end out outdoors making the best of what we had for conditions.

Caddis Flies

I think that was good training for fishing this summer because it seems if you aren’t will to go out in play in the rain then you aren’t going to get much play time. The rain hasn’t slowed the hatches much. I think wind is a bigger problem really. Somehow the bugs seem to know when there is a big wind and they don’t hatch out.

That may not hold true all the time but I can say last night’s rain didn’t slow down the hatch. The caddis and mayfly pictures you see blinking from frame to frame are all from the back door and taken this morning. You can see there are plenty of different bugs hatching out right now.

The flow in Shawmut is great for wading – it is only 6,434CFS right now but it will climb during the day. Both the Sandy and the Carrabassett rivers actually dropped during the night but a quick check this morning shows that the runoff has started and both rivers are starting to swing up. This much rain is bound to do that but it hasn’t been particularly bad for wading. I have to think that is because of the dam projects FPL has going on at Skowhegan and Shawmut.

Most of last week the Sandy was running over 1,000CFS and yet we weren’t blown out here. Either FPL is keeping the impoundments low enough to absorb a big rain or they are dumping the water to protect the work in progress because a 1,000CFS flow in either the Sandy or the Carrabassett normally stops our wading.


Flows are good up and down the river. The East Outlet is running at 1,202CFS, Harris is dropping to 325CFS at 4:00pm, and Bingham is running at 3,950CFS most of the day. As a bonus Bingham (Wyman) is dropping to 2,100CFS at 7:00pm which gives you a couple hours of evening hatch fishing with low waters since we have these nice long days.

Solon is at 3,000CFS all day and Madison at 3,880CFS while again here at Fairfield (Shawmut Dam) is very wadable at 6,434CFS. But with all that said a quick check of the flow phone may save you a wasted trip so be sure and check by calling 1-800-557-3569 before you head out. You can also check a bunch of different flows by following this link.

Get out there and fish. Even though the temperatures are pretty good it won’t last. We’re bound to have some sun soon and it’s going to drive the temps up, which will slow the fishing. Take advantage of the good temps now.