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06/21/13 – River Coming Down Fishing Good

06/21/13 – Oh sure, it’s the weekend of the FFIM Conclave and FINALLY the Kennebec is coming down to wading levels. So, that means I’m leaving the just about wading level Kennebec to fish the near flood stage Penobscot – yikes. I think I need help. In May I go to West Grand early before hatches start up there and just as the mayflies start down here and bemoan the lack of hatches while I’m up there. Now here it is June and the water is finally coming down and I’m leaving to go to high water. But there’s a strong rumor that Brookfield Power is going to cut the Penobscot flow back from the 6,000CFS it is today to a manageable 3,200CFS and all will be well.

I hope to see a bunch of you up there at the Penobscot, Big Eddy site but for those of you who don’t head up that way here’s some Kennebec River info.  The East Outlet is at 3,400CFS all day.  High but fishable and it should drop steadily over the next several days.  Harris is basically high all day – the low flow for the day is 3,400CFS a bit much for the gorge.

That 3,400 CFS flow will be met at the Forks by a mild 300CFS coming out of Dead River which means fishing almost anywhere on the Dead River should be good RIGHT NOW. Dropping down to Bingham you’ll find a bit higher water with Wyman flowing at 4,700 all Evergreen Campgroundday. High but fishable – even wading – if you know where to wade and going and trying is a good way to learn what water is wadable at this level.  There might be more than you think.

William’s Dam in Solon is at a great flow – 4,200CFS all day – and that’s a good flow in my opinion.  I love that level and I if I wasn’t going to the FFIM Conclave I might spend my weekend on that section doing floats – fishing should be perfect. If you’re not sure where to stay in Solon give Evergreen Campground a ring.  They have tent sites, cabins, RV sites, provide a shuttle service and have good fishing right out front.  Nice people too.

Madison is a bit high at 5,000CFS (influence from the Sandy still which is at 500CFS and dropping fast) but very fishable.  In fact as soon as the water cleared Madison fished pretty well despite the  high levels.  If you need a fix during the next high water event you should try casting from the ledges in Madison.  Once the water starts flowing clear in the main stem fish move up above the Sandy inflow to get out of that dirty Sandy flow.

Big StripersShawmut – well Shawmut is above 8,000CFS but by tomorrow it should be wadable.  Fish are showing and being caught in Shawmut.  It’s not like it was but it’s producing fish.

And that gets up down to Waterville/Winslow where you can get some Shad and Stripers.  The flow is good and if you saw the 40″ plus striper pictures in the paper the other day you know stripers have taken up residence in the Ticonic Bay and Sebasticook sections.  If you didn’t see the pictures but live in the Waterville Winslow area and watched for the clue (cars parked all over is spots where they should be but spots that provide easy access to the river) you probably knew the Stripers were here. So that’s the rundown.  Hope to see you at the FFIM Conclave but if I don’t get out and fish – conditions are pretty good.