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06/25/10 – fishing good

06/25/10 – Ok – if you’ve been going to get out and fish and haven’t made it – you may have missed the peak – waters are getting warm. This morning’s river temperature is 68 degrees. Fishing will slow dramatically with these temps if we don’t get some cold nights to drive the temp back down instead of going most anywhere like you can now you’ll have to seek out those seldom disclosed cold water sources.

But the forecast has 80 degree temps for today with cooling into the 50’s tonight and then it should stay cooler for a few days. The next several days are forecast with 70’s during the day, scattered showers and 50’s at night. As long as that pattern keeps up we’ll be OK.

We’ve got the same bugs as last week. A quick look at the back of the shop this morning showed me Light Cahills, Cream Cahills, Pale Evening Duns, small-small-small Blue Winged Olives, Zebra Caddis, Black Caddis and Tan Caddis. Lots and lots of bugs still. The Cream Cahills are about 14/16 and the Light Cahills are 12/14 so if you’re only tying or buying one size of Cahills – get a 14 🙂 and don’t forget spinner patterns (Cahill egg laying adults have an orange tint to the body)

Flows are great up and down the river. East Outlet is running at 1,223CFS, Harris is pulsing and will drop to 340CFS at 2:00pm and stay that way the rest of the day – great down in the gorge flow and the temps in the gorge are going to be fine – At the Forks the Dead River will be adding another 201CFS which should be just fine for an afternoon or evening outing in the Forks area. Bingham is running at 1,650CFS until 2:00pm at which time it will jump to about 4,000CFS until 5:00pm and then it will drop back to 1,650CFS and below that Williams (Solon) will be flowing at 2,100CFS. Madison is scheduled to flow at 2,850CFS all day and Shawmut is running at a comfortable 2,895CFS.Little Brook Trout

And those of you who read this Update already know I’ve been enjoying a new Beaver Pond near our camp up in the Millinocket area. Early in May I got small, small Brookies out of it. Click on the Brook Trout picture and you’ll see a short video showing you how that’s coming along. Those trout are getting bigger and more are showing up – I’m betting I’ll have big fish there by fall.

And in closing I’d like to add a personal note to Ed Mestieri – Ed, it’s OK to take a day off and go fishing 🙂

Oh, and another thing before I forget again – We’ll be closed tomorrow so we can attend the Fly Fishing in Maine Conclave. Hope to see you there. Click here to get the details.