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06/26/09 – hatches – high water

06/26/09 – High water again – still – forever – whatever – yes I’m sick of high water. What is it three years now? Enough. But on the bright side because of this high water natural reproduction and survival for trout and salmon across the state is on the rise and we’re seeing the results in ponds especially. Good fish are being caught in the ponds and rivers (the rivers you can wade) and more and more of them are wild fish.

OK – enough of crying about it – today the river is a comfortable 64 degrees. That’s one benefit of the cool summer so far. The flow in Shawmut is 12,370CFS and likely to bounce up some because of last night’s rain. So no wading here. The Carrabassett and Sandy rivers are both creeping up as I type this. The Carrabassett is just below the 1,000CFS mark and the Sandy is just below the 2,000CFS mark. Since the weather forecast is for showers and thunderstorms every day for the next week I don’t see this section of river dropping much.

However, if you fish the Kennebec above the Sandy and Carrabassett influence you can find better levels. Solon (Williams Dam) is running at 3,800CFS (great wading) and Bingham (Wyman) is at 5,9600CFS all day (too high for many) but will likely be at wadable levels after they dump all day. So check out Wyman’s flow tomorrow and you may well find it OK.

The East Outlet is at 1,700CFS and hopefully running a bit cleaner than it has most of this week. I went up on Monday and for the first time ever at the East Outlet I couldn’t see the top of my boots when I was standing knee deep. That’s dirty for the East Outlet.

I guess the NorEaster wind we had for several days just filled the cove above the dam with crud. Anyway it was dirty and I was surprised. However, it has cleared up a lot since last Monday. People are catching fish there but if you go expect to see a few more people there than you normally do as there isn’t a lot of moving water that is fishable right now.

Grand Lake area is out for this weekend, at least wading the stream is. The stream is flowing at 1,420CFS and yep – that’s high. I’m sure the lake however will be producing for those of you who can boat it or those of you willing to hire a guide to get you out on the lake. That is a wonderful lake and I’ve spent a lot of good hours fishing it.

Bugs that hatched last night from the Kennebec RiverBugs – we got bugs. The flashing picture you see is a cross section of the “backdoor” bugs I found waiting for me this morning. We still have Cahills and Sulphurs for mayfly activity. And we have Caddis galore. Speaking of Caddis our old friend the Zebra Caddis or Alder Fly made its first appearance yesterday. I hope that means we’ll have a good Zebra Caddis hatch this year as it is one of my favorites.

The Goddard Caddis (size 12) with a Zug Bug as a dropper is a good rig for fishing the Zebra Caddis hatch. The pupa of the Zebra Caddis is green despite the dark color of the adult Zebra Caddis which makes a Zug Bug a good choice for a dropper.

Another caddis that is hatching is what I call the slow water caddis. I call it that for two reasons. The first being I Slow Water Caddisdon’t know what its real name is and the second being “Slow Water Caddis” is the name of the pattern I fish to imitate them. You can see the Slow Water Caddis pattern in picture on the left. It is the small insert shown above a caddis I found on the back door this morning. Note the deep V the wings make in the real caddis and how it is matched by the “Slow Water Caddis” pattern. I think that is the key to the success of this pattern.

Speaking of Caddis the West Branch of the Penobscot River has plenty of them and that’s another watershed you might look at for this weekend. The flow there is 2,416CFS and that’s a good flow. It certainly is better than the 3,500CFS plus we saw most of last year.

That West Branch area is where I’ll be this weekend as Linda and I are headed to camp. Unless the wind is so bad it keeps our boat on the beach I plan to motor over and up into the West Branch to fish Passamagamet Falls, which are the falls at the bottom of the Debsconeag Deadwater.

So good fishing to you all – enjoy and make the best of another wet weekend.

And last but not least our annual Spey Casting Class – taught by Jim Rusher – click this link for more information has been switched to August 15th and 16th. This time of year has proven too busy – read that the fishing is too good to spend a weekend at class. So we’ve postponed it until later in the season. So if you want to learn the ins and outs of Spey Casting give us a call and sign up.