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06/26/11 – fishing good

06/26/11 – Sorry about missing Friday. I was “Upta” camp but my computer wasn’t. I planned on taking it with me but when got there it wasn’t there and when I got home it was right where I left it – oops.

However, Linda and I got home last night and here’s an update on the river based on some poking around I did this morning. Caddis are definitely out and about. Not just any caddisZebra Caddis  but our old friend the Zebra Caddis. Yep, Shawmut’s Zebra Caddis hatch has been weak at best for the last several years but they are back with a vengeance this season. The picture on the left shows four in one little cluster. There are lots and lots more.

I don’t know why the hatch is back but I suspect that – like us – the bugs have been waiting for a season with normal or lower than normal flows. The high mid-season flows of the last several years wrecked havoc with the net spinning larvae and keep their numbers down. Last year’s mid-season flows were normal to low and – well – here they are back again.

I have commitments at the Maine TU Trout Camp today but tomorrow I’ll be out in the Kennebec (Shawmut or Madison – maybe both) and I’ll be fishing a Goddard Caddis with Zug Bug dropper. Love this hatch it brings big fish up even if the water is overly warm – and for an added bonus – the water is at a great temperature – 63 degrees. Perfect for this hatch which often doesn’t happen until the water is up in the high 60’s.

Blue Winged Olives, Tricos, Little Blue Winged Olives and Pale EveningBlue Winged Olive Mayfly Duns are all out now. Mayflies are everywhere along with caddis of all sizes and colors to go along with these Zebras. Bring full fly boxes because you’re apt to have to match almost any color or size depending on what they key on.

So there you have it – good hatches and good water temperatures and finally flows we can fish.
Well, some flows we can fish anyway 🙂

The East Outlet is high – 2,500CFS – fishable but you better know where you’re wading or you better be careful. I don’t see that dropping anytime soon since the Moose is dumping 1,400CFS in. Until the Moose drops we’ll probably see high East Outlet flows. I’m not sure where all the water is coming from – the Dead is also high and running at 1,550CFS – another flow you can fish if you already know the Dead but a tough flow if you don’t know the river.

But moving downriver things get better. Bingham is at 4,000CFS all day – you can fish it at 4,000CFS – really 🙂 and Solon is at a great level – 3,200CFS which is a real bonus for the Maine TU Trout Camp which starts today. The last couple of years the flows have been so high the kids could wade on the lawn 🙁

And the flow the rest of the way down the river stays like that. Madison is around 4,000CFS and Shawmut is around 5,500CFS – both good flows.

Get out and do it while the cool nights are keeping the water temperatures down. The fishing is good RIGHT NOW.