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06/28/13 – Rain, Rain, Rain

06/28/13 – As I sit here listening to the rain I’m struggling with myself.  Part of me wants to be pissed about all the rain and high water and the other part of me says – Hey, you’ve had good fishing – so what if you have to work at finding fishable water.  Before my morning coffee I was leaning to the – I’m pissed – side of things but a bit of Matt’s Coffee has brighten my outlook and I’m now leaning towards the “It’s life – deal with it” side of things.

With that if you call the Flow Line (1-800-557-3569) you’ll find the only wadable flow is East Outlet which is in the 2,000CFS range. High but very fishable.  Down from there Harris is over 5,000CFS most of the day and that water is joined at The Forks by the over 2,000CFS flowing down the Dead River and the over 1,000CFS coming out of Spencer.  Lots of water plus lots more water equals big problems for those of us who wade.  Guess I better finish re-canvasing my canoe so I can float some of this water.

Anyway, not much more to say about fishing right now other than the water is warming and hatches will be taking a dive pretty soon so if you can fish get out.  Most every kind of bug  trout feed on is on the water.  Golden Stones everywhere. Tons of Alder Flies (Zebra Caddis) showing at Shawmut and – guess what – there are some fish there feeding on them.

Shawmut BrownAnd that’s the story everywhere – the hard part of catching feeding fish right now is deciding what they’re feeding on there’s so much feed on the water.

The rest of this Post is a note I send to a few friends after getting one day in at Shawmut after the FFIM Conclave. I was headed back the next day but Thunderstorms kept me off the water and the rains of that storm ending wading for awhile.

 Went up about 4:30 – left the water about 9:30. One to net – lost one. Both fought well. Walked in from the Shawmut side. Waded to and fished the White Rock and Gravel Bars above it.  Then across from the upper gravel bar to the Benton Side run above and then to the center and back to the White Rock area.

 From there back to the Shawmut side and got by first fish in the Beach Pool.  Fought poorly at first – came right in – then when it realized it was hooked it fought well – two long runs with a couple of short ones thrown in.  Got him on a Yellow Stimulator.

 Continued down that side and hooked another in the Etiquette Pool below the island. Bad hook set – felt like the same sized fish.

 No hatches while I was there. Saw occasional fish take – covered what rises I could.

 Water temp 66 degrees.

Fished by swinging wets most of the time since I was wandering and exploring.  No big changes in the bottom.  Quite a few logs laying on bottom.  Lots of bugs.  Pick a caddis color – light colored mayflies also maybe sulphers (there were small) right at dark and miscellaneous mayflies thrown in.

 Someone was out in a canoe (Pasture Pool) and I saw him casting now and then but didn’t see him land anything.  I’m assuming he had occasional targets but nothing steady as he moved around a lot.