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07/01/11 – fishing still good

07/01/11 – Happy July 4th weekend to you. I hope you get out to fish some as the fishing is still good. Shawmut water temperature Sunrisethis morning at 5:30am was 66 degrees – a great temp for the first of July.

Shawmut was pretty this morning but it didn’t yield any fish for me. Two on and I lost them both. But at least there are some fish there to catch.

The flows up and down the river are fine for fishing. The East Outlet is still a bit high – 1,900CFS – but that’s a lot better than the 2,500CFS it was flowing at last Friday. I think I may head up there tomorrow. Harris is at 340CFS until 8:00am and then it will bump to 5,000CFS which means the Forks area won’t see that bump until around 10:00am or so – plenty of time to check out the river and then grab a late breakfast somewhere.

Moving downriver Bingham is pulsing finally. A nice flow of 2,100CFS until 8:00am and then a bump to 4,000CFS for the rest of the day. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll fish there in the morning tomorrow and then go to the East – so many choices.

Solon is almost what you’d have to call low with a flow of 2,700CFS. If you like to wade it’s pretty hard to beat that flow. The same goes for Madison (where I’ve been doing most of my local fishing) which is flowing at 3,400CFS – just a nice flow to fish.

Shawmut is flowing around 5,000CFS and Waterville/Winslow are similar. There are some Stripers showing in Waterville and the Shad are still here. If you want a Shad this season don’t wait too long – get to Winslow and get one before they leave.

Wherever you go this weekend don’t forget your yellow Humpies and your yellow Stimulators as the Golden Stones are outAdult Stonefly in force up and down the river. If you keep an eye out for them you’re bound to see one. There are a lot of them around. Hard for a trout or a salmon to pass up a meal like that.

These cool nights can’t last forever – get out there before the water gets so hot it forces the fish down.