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07/02/10 – warm water – Hex

07/02/10 – Well the river got a straight through flush of water this week and it’s just now getting back to “almost wadable” levels. This whole week has had high flows and Shawmut today is just below 8,000CFS. A flow you can wade but it’s hard work – not to mention dangerous. Great for boats and canoes at this flow but a real push for a wading angler. However, the rate of drop is good. It dropped about 3,000CFS last night and with no rain in the forecast levels should be good for the weekend.

Hex MayflyOne good thing about the rain is that while levels were going up temperatures were going down. Fortunately it was a cool rain. So this morning’s temperature out back is a nice 64 degrees – down 4 important degrees since last week. Tonight and tomorrow night are supposed to dip into the 50’s for nighttime temps which will help keep river temps down but after that 80’s in the day dropping to only mid-60’s overnight. Mid-60’s don’t cool the river much.

For hatches we still have Cahills, Sulphurs and Leadwing Coachman mayflies along with a solid collection of Caddis like the Alder Fly and Little Black Caddis so surface activity is holding up although it has pushed to the evening for most of the activity. Haven’t seen any Dobson Flies yet this year but they should be showing up soon. Oh, and speaking of hatches the big hex hatches should be starting on your favorite trout ponds – you may want to be spend a late evening or two on some pond.

The East Outlet flow has dropped from the over 3,000CFS it has been at to 2,523CFS which, I guess, you could call a “limited wading” wading level. Harris is pulsing again and will jump from 340CFS to 6,500CFS at 10:00am and then drop to 340CFS at 7:00pm this evening.

That flow combined with the Dead River flow of 318CFS will keep the Forks high this evening. Below that Wyman (Bingham) Dam won’t be pulsing but it should stay at the Stonefly imitationhigh end of wadable pumping a steady flow of 3,950CFS. That pattern holds the rest of the way down the river with high but – if you’re careful – wadable flows. Solon is running at 5,000CFS and Madison is running at 5,528CFS.

My guess is that we’ll see another drop in flows tonight and that we’ll have more seasonal flows for tomorrow and Sunday. However, I’d be calling 1-800-557-3569 to get river flows before I left in the morning for any particular section of the river. You might want to click on this link to see the USGS site flows as well.

And that’s about it for this week – have a safe and happy Fourth of July.

Oh – and if you’re almost anywhere on the Kennebec this weekend don’t forget your Golden Stone nymphs and dries there are plenty of the real ones around.