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07/03/09 – hatches – high water

07/03/09 – Well the good news is the water temperature is 62 degrees out back. The bad news is the flow is 22,710CFS and the water clarity is POOR. Oh, wait did I make it sound like that was all of the bad news – OH – there’s more. More rain coming that is. Showers and thunderstorms all next week.

Now I know showers don’t sound all that bad after the rain we’ve had but the ground is so saturated that any rainfall goes right into the streams – nothing more can soak in. So while the Carrabassett and Sandy rivers have been dropping because of yesterdays Western Maine ‘showers” both are heading back up. The Carrabassett had dropped below 2,000CFS yesterday and this morning it is running at 2,110CFS and climbing. Likewise the Sandy is climbing from yesterday’s low of just below 3,000CFS and is at 3,650CFS.

Oh but there is some good news – Zebra Caddis – or Alder Flies (whichever you call them) are hatching. The one I’ve A Zebra Caddis flygot a picture of was nice enough to land on the window here at the shop so I could get a fish-eye view. This is a good hatch and while we can’t fish it here on the mainstem of the Kennebec it’s happening in other places. Remember the pupa for these critters is green and so is the adult for about an hour after hatching. So whatever you pick for a dry fly imitation of the Zebra Caddis a Zug Bug is a good dropper to hang off the dry, if you fish droppers that is. The LaFontaine Deep Sparkle Pupa in green is another that you might want to try – the bright green ones.

And while there isn’t much wadable water there is some. The shining star of water flow through all this has been and is the West Branch of the Penobscot which is running at 2,186CFS, which is a nice flow. If you haven’t fished the West Branch or want to explore some of the sections you can’t wade call Greg “Boz” Bostater at (207) 749-1593 or visit his website at he’s a guide who knows the river. Other good flows are harder to come by. The Dead River flow is 1,000CFS at Flagstaff Dam – down from 4,000CFS yesterday. That’s one I’d be checking on the flow phone (1-800-557-3569) because they may well drop it again tonight. And then there’s – well heck – there’s little else at least in the Kennebec Watershed.

Harris is at 7,500 all day, East Outlet is at 5,300CFS, Williams is at 12,000CFS, Madison is at 11,100CFS and as I mentioned Shawmut is at 22,710CFS. But the “new” Sebasticook section has been a bright spot. Despite being high you can fish it and there are a lot of different fish up in there right now trying to get out of the “dirty” Kennebec water. Stripers, Shad, Smallmouth, Browns and Rainbows are all possibilities. Check out this thread on the forum for a report on one person’s outing.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July – enjoy yourselves and if you can’t find any moving water to fish remember the ponds are almost all fishing well and, oh, did I mention the Hex hatches have started on most area ponds – Pierce included 🙂