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07/05/13 – Water High and Warmer

07/05/13 – As you can see the week started with Carrabassett over the 1,000CFS threshold and by mid-week it had shot up to 10,000CFS – way bad for those of us who wade. I’d say from the slope of that drop-down that it’s another couple of days before the level drops below 1,000CFS again.Carrabassett - High Levels

When it does we’ll have wading on the Kennebec but we’ll also have high temps. When temps get up into the high sixties and low seventies it’s important to play your fish in hard and fast.  Better to break them off than play them to death.

Starting from the top the East Outlet is flowing a swift 2,228CFS which is about the only wading flow available on the Kennebec – and that flow is high and fast – but wadable.  Dropping down to Harris which is finally starting to pulse you get a flow of 5,000CFS and since the Dead is running at 2,800CFS The Forks has more than enough water.

Wyman (Bingham/Moscow Dam) and Williams (Solon Dam) are both in the 7,000CFS range for today and Madison is up around 10,000CFS after the Sandy joins it. That’s a lot of boat and canoe water – not much wading water.

I’m up in the Millinocket area and the West Branch of the Penobscot isn’t fairing much better.  Lots of water coming down.  And while water temps are still in the 67-68 degree range (in our lake which is normally over 70 by now) things are warming fast.  We got up here a couple of days ago and are settled in now.  So, tomorrow it’s off to a couple of area ponds for overnight stays at each. Quite looking forward to a HEX hatch.