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07/09/10 – warm water

07/09/10 Well things got hot around here didn’t they? I guess we all knew it was coming. The water temperature out back of the shop is 71 degrees and that’s too hot for trout. Heck that’s too hot for most anything even the bugs are taking a break and have all but stopped hatching. Hex hatches on ponds took off well but with this heat have become spotty. I guess what we can hope for is that the rain in the forecast is cold rain because evening temps are only going to drop to the high 60’s for the next week or so. Not much cooling there.

Flows are high to medium in the Kennebec. The East Outlet is running at 2,732CFS so if you go there be careful. Fish are still active there and a Stimulator skated about two feet when it lands and then allowed to Dead Drift just might bring some fish up for you. I don’t know if they’re dumping water in anticipation of big rains this week or if there’s just a lot of water in the system but for July an almost 3,000CFS flow seems high.

The Harris Impoundment also seems to be full as they haven’t even been pulsing Harris this week they’ve been running a steady flow from dawn to dusk. Yesterday it was 6,400CFS all day but today they did start to pulse the dam. Flows for today are: midnight to 9:00am – 340CFS, 9:00am to 10:00am – 3,050CFS, 10:00am to 7:00pm – 6,500CFS and the day will finish up with a 340CFS flow from 7:00pm until midnight. I guess if they’ve resumed they normal pulse flow at Harris that’s a good thing as they must have the pond at the level they want but again it seems like a lot of water and I don’t remember it raining all that hard the last couple of weeks.

Another example of high flows is the Dead River. Yesterday the Dead was running at 483CFS all day. Today it bumped up to 783CFS – can’t figure out why. When you look at the flow for other streams in the area like Spencer Stream their flows don’t show an increase so it’s not because of rainfall so why is the flow double what it was yesterday?

Although not high Bingham is at 4,400CFS all day – no pulse – just a steady flow of what is the normal peak for a day’s running. Below that flows are closer to normal but still a bit high with Solon running at 4,700CFS and Madison running at 4,980CFS – all fishable but all just a bit higher than normal.

The West Branch of the Penobscot is a steady 2,055CFS for the day and if you’re looking for a place to go this weekend you should look close at this water. It’s cooler than most other rivers right now and that’s not a bad flow.

So that’s about it for my river report today. Things are hot and fishing has slowed. Cold water is the key and if you find cold water you’ll find fish. If poking around for cold water sources isn’t on your list of things to do perhaps the next two items will interest you. The first is our annual Casting Casting ContestContest which raises money for the Maine TU Trout Camp and the second is our Spey Class.

Information for the Casting Contest can be found by clicking on this link. The Casting Contest will be held on August 7th here in Fairfield at the shop and the grand prize for the Casting Contest will again be an Orvis rod. The winner can pick the Orvis Helios rod of their choice (Spey and Switch rods excluded) and there will also be a drawing for people who donate by purchasing an entry but don’t cast. Yes, it turns out that a lot of people would like to support the Trout Camp but they can’t get here to cast but they buy an entry anyway. For those good souls we have another prize and that’s the Hydros rod of their choice. So if you want to support the Maine TU Trout Camp follow the link above or this one and get more details.

Information for the Spey Class can be found by clicking on this link. The Spey Class will be held on August 21st and 22nd at Evergreen Campground in Solon and the fee for the class is $300.00 (gear provided if needed) Jim Rusher has yet again agreed to teach the class and we’re happy to have him. If you’re thinking Spey and want to get started this class is for you. Check it out by following this link.