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07/16/10 – Light Cahills

07/16/10 – Well things have cooled slightly. Enough so that the bugs have started hatching again but the water is still hot. The water temperature out back of the shop is 72 degrees – way warmer than I’d like. But like I said the bugs are back and that’s got to be a good sign.

Light Cahill heavy with eggsLight Cahills are the strongest hatch behind the shop and as you can see from the orange tint in the abdomen of this Light Cahill she is heavy with eggs, which give her this orange tint. So when you buy your Light Cahills for the hatch get the standard cream body but if you’re going to be out there for spinner fall get some with an orange tint to imitate fallen egg laying females. That just might make the difference.

If you look close at this picture you’ll see this mayfly is missing a couple of legs. They live a tough life. And while this one has been beat up some it’s better off than the one in other picture.

That flipping picture is a sequence of a spider bringing a mayfly back FOR dinner. I don’t know what to call the picture series. I’m debating between “Guess who’s coming to dinner” and “Come into my parlor said the Spider to the Mayfly.” You’re welcome to vote 🙂Spider with Mayfly

The secret to hookups is the same this week as last week – go find some cold water. There is so little cold water right now that it’s a pretty sure bet if you can find it you’ll find fish.

Speaking of finding and catching fish – this is no time for 6X tippet. These fish are stressed by the heat just as we are and playing them a long time could kill them. Use the strongest tippet you can and play your fish hard. Get them in quick or kill them and take them home because a long fight will just kill them after you release them.

Flows are better but with all of New England calling for Air Conditioning power the flows are still high. Which might be a good thing when you consider that the high flows are part of what’s keeping the water tumbling and helping the oxygen content.

The Moose River flowing into Moosehead is running at 1,014CFS which is definitely more than you normally see there this time of year. The East Outlet is draining Moosehead at a flow of 2,033CFS and that’s a tough wading flow. Harris is pulsing and will drop to 2,700CFS at 1:00pm and stay there until 11:00pm at which time it will drop to 325CFS.

Moving downriver to Bingham it seems Wyman is pulsing again bumping up at 7:00am from 2,100CFS to 3,800CFS where it will stay until 11:00pm. Solon is running a steady 3,300CFS which is a great flow and Madison is running at a 4,040CFS flow. Which is just about the same flow we’re seeing down here below the Shawmut Dam. All those levels are fishable if not perfect.

One thing you might try if you want to give the cold water species a break is Pickerel. You can have a blast around the Lily Pads with a popper and (at least) 2X tippet right now. You should give Pickerel a try and take a kid with you – kids love Pickerel fishing since it is often fast and there’s normally a lot of splashing.

So that’s about it for my river report today. Things are hot and fishing isn’t. Cold water is the key and if you find cold water you’ll find fish. If poking around for cold water sources isn’t on your list of things to do perhaps the next two items will interest you. The first is our annual Casting Casting ContestContest which raises money for the Maine TU Trout Camp and the second is our Spey Class.

Information for the Casting Contest can be found by clicking on this link. The Casting Contest will be held on August 7th here in Fairfield at the shop and the grand prize for the Casting Contest will again be an Orvis rod. The winner can pick the Orvis Helios rod of their choice (Spey and Switch rods excluded) and there will also be a drawing for people who donate by purchasing an entry but don’t cast.

Yes, it turns out that a lot of people would like to support the Trout Camp but they can’t get here to cast but they buy an entry anyway. For those good souls we have another prize and that’s the Hydros rod of their choice. So if you want to support the Maine TU Trout Camp follow the link above or this one and get more details. Oh, new rule for the casting contest – you can bring and use your own fly rod – follow the link for more details.

Information for the Spey Class can be found by clicking on this link. The Spey Class will be held on August 21st and 22nd at Evergreen Campground in Solon and the fee for the class is $300.00 (gear provided if needed) Jim Rusher has yet again agreed to teach the class and we’re happy to have him. If you’re thinking Spey and want to get started this class is for you. Check it out by following this link.