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08/07/09 – hatches – high water

08/07/09 – Well we’re back and sorry to find the river levels haven’t dropped much. Today the flow out back of the shop is 11,210CFS which is still too high for wading. However the clarity is fair and a canoe or boat will get you fishing. The only good thing about all this rain and cold weather is the river temperature which is at a cool 66 degrees.

William’s (Solon) was running at 6,800CFS yesterday and today is 5,600CFS – another drop like that and we should be able to wade Solon. And if they run the Madison dam at run of river, as I believe they are supposed to do, the flow there tomorrow should also drop from the 7,230CFS it is today to a wadable level.

Cream CahillShawmut may also drop tomorrow and if it does I’ll post an update on the forum tomorrow morning.

The East Outlet is running at 3,000CFS and the Moose River is running at 1,972CFS – both high. Flagstaff is running at 1,000CFS also high.

Fortunately hatches are ongoing despite this high water and Cream Cahill mayflies are out in force. They are easy to spot as they hatch in the late afternoon or early evening and their light color makes them stand out against the dark water. A Pheasant Tail (American with the peacock herl thorax) is a good nymph to use if you get to the water before the hatch.

Caddis are still around in a variety of colors but the one I’m still seeing most frequently is the Black Caddis. Well, I call them Black Caddis but only because that’s the color I see when I grab one and look Black Caddisclosely at it. I’m sure the caddis in this picture has dark, almost black wings. I’m sure its has light colored legs and a dark body – but I’m not so sure what Caddis it is. There are just too many of the little buggers to be able to identify them. However, I’m also sure a small Black Caddis (like the black Elk Wing Caddis or Black Davy’s Caddis) imitation will take fish when these guys are around.

Stoneflies are also still active and Golden Stones are common on the Kennebec. While the big Golden Stones get all the press you shouldn’t forget about the Little Golden Stones.

The Little Yellow Stones (Yellow Sally) are an evening hatching and evening egg laying stone fly. One of the nice things about the Little Yellow Stones when egg laying is that they skate along the water surface to broadcast their eggs. What that means to me is I don’t have to dead drift a Yellow Sally to effectively fish it. Dead Drifting a fly takes effort, concentration and can get tedious. It’s nice to be able to twitch or skate a fly and draw a strike instead of a refusal.

Little Yellow Stonefly

So the bugs are out there. The flows are slowly dropping and levels in the Kennebec should become wadable in the next few days. Until then the lakes and ponds are good and don’t ignore the small streams. Those streams you normally fish in the spring are at spring levels today and very cool for this time of year. Go check some of them out you might be pleasantly surprised.

And while I’m thinking about it let me mention the West Branch of the Penobscot flow level. It is HIGH in the West Branch right now. Over 7,000CFS. I’ve been wondering all summer how the flows in the West Branch could be as low as they were when everything else was so high. Well, I still don’t know where they were storing the water but they seem to have run out of room and the flow is up. If you’re headed to that area of the state there are other waters you can fish and with this high flow you might want to search out those other places.

And last but not least our annual Spey Casting Class – taught by Jim Rusher – click this link for more information has been switched to August 15th and 16th. This time of year has proven too busy – read that the fishing is too good to spend a weekend at class. So we’ve postponed it until later in the season. So if you want to learn the ins and outs of Spey Casting give us a call and sign up.