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08/14/09 – high water

08/14/09 – Water temperature this morning is 67 degrees. Too bad we STILL can’t wade Shawmut. You can canoe or boat it at the 8,692CFS level it’s running at but wading is tough. Feeder streams are finally dropping yet heavy thundershowers in Western Maine drove the Carrabassett and Sandy rivers up on Monday and Tuesday and that heavy water is what’s flowing by right now. Barring additional rain (and the forecast if for good weather for the next few days) the Carrabassett and Sandy ought to drop back to normal flows.

But those two rivers aren’t the only source of high water. The headwater impoundments are all overly high and the hydro guys have got to get the levels down and the only way to do that is flow water. So until they drop the East Outlet (3,000CFS) and Flagstaff (800CFS) and Wyman (pulsing up to 6,000CFS most of the day) we’ll still be high here.

So it’s more of the same. Hope for no rain and a good fall season I guess. Meanwhile, like I said a lot of the feeder streams are dropping to normal flows. Streams like Spencer which is running at 310CFS now (normally 100CFS or less this time of year) are fishing well and worth spending time on. Ponds are also doing well but most have the Hex activity has peaked and hatches are sporadic at best.

So here are some flows for you. GLS is staying high and running at 800CFS. The West Branch of the Penobscot is also high and running today at 3,138CFS, which while high is close to what it ran most of last summer and a lot of people do fish it at that level. The Sebasticook is running at 288CFS and the “new” section is proving to be a good fishing stretch of river. Occasional Browns, occasional Striper and BIG Smallmouth Bass.

The main stem of the Kennebec is high with the East Outlet running at 3,000CFS. Harris is at 5,000CFS all day. Flagstaff is dumping 800CFS (fishable but fast and high) and should be dropping soon. Williams (Solon) is at 5,200CFS and will be at a pretty good level for our Spey Class this weekend (lucky us – good weather also). Madison is at 6,130CFS and Shawmut is at 8,692CFS. All in all high but fishable if you work the edges. But your best bets still are the feeder streams and ponds.