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08/15/08 – high water

08/15/08 Water is still high but dropping.  Shawmut is running about 12,000CFS and is clear finally.  Boats and canoes can handle that flow but wading is tough.  There are some spots one can wade at that level but precious few.  Bank fishing along the Pasture Pool area can provide some action as well as fishing from the points, on the Benton side, up by the White Rock.

East Outlet is running at 3,145CFS, Harris is pulsing again but will be at 5,000CFS after 9:00am.  Which means the Ball Park area in the Forks will be fishable until about noon. It’s no wonder the East is running about 3,000 as the Moose flowing into Moosehead is running abut 3,900CFS and when the lake is high they have to pass on whatever is flowing in.

Bingham is at 5,500CFS all day and should start pulsing any day which will allow limited wading depending on release times.  To check the flow call 1-800-557-3569 and listen to the voice prompts.

Ponds are still fishing well.  A friend and I were up above the Forks on Sunday fishing a pond and we had rising trout all day.  (off and on) The surface temperature was 68 degrees. Not bad for August.

So there is fishing out there – go give it a try.

Spey class this weekend so I won’t get much fishing in but I’ll do a lot of casting. 🙂

ps – a lot of Solon and Madison can be fished at 7,000CFS – you just have to pick your spots.  Water is clear.