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08/21/09 – warm water

08/21/09 – Well it figures the water flow has dropped to levels we can wade and the water temperature has climbed to 71 degrees, which is awfully hot for trout fishing. It won’t matter much either way though because the weather forecast for today is 70 percent chance of rain, followed by late afternoon thunderstorms, rain tonight and Saturday – oh Saturday night and Sunday too. Yep, we’re down to wadable levels here in Fairfield and that’s become a sure sign of rain.

I suppose the good part of that is that since it’s the latter part of August and days are becoming shorter and the nights cooler the water temperature will start dropping and fish will start their fall feed getting ready for the spawn.

Here are some flows for you.
East Outlet – still high at 3,016CFS
Harris – 5,950CFS
Flagstaff – 500CFS – very fishable
Bingham – 5,950CFS all day
Solon – 6,100CFS all day (thank goodness the edges of the river fish well up there and that’s not a bad drift flow)
Madison – 6,070CFS
Shawmut – a welcomed flow of 5,190CFS but it’s hot
GLS – 500CFS
West Branch of the Penobscot – 3,239CFS (high but fishable – water is bound to be cooler up there)

Well there you have it. Some waters are dropping but here comes the rain. In the meantime hatches continue with lots of Leadwing Coachmen, Cream Cahills and Black Caddis. White flies should be hatching soon and a White Wulff is a good match for them (size 12 or 14) and if you want to start working some pre-hatch nymphs try a light colored Hare’s Ear about a 12. Those nymphs should be plenty active with the hatch so close.