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08/22/08 – Shawmut 68 degrees

08/22/08 – Water is still high but close to wadable.  Water clarity is good and the temperature is 68 Shawmut dam constructiondegrees.  There are hatches of Sulphers, Tan Caddis, small Olive Caddis, still some Lead Winged Coachman and the White Flies should be showing any day.

If you are wondering about the White Rock it is still there and in the picture on the right you can just see the top of it (underwater) a short distance above my canoe bow-sprint.  You might also note that while the removal of Fort Halifax dam is getting all the press there is a construction project going on in Shawmut as well.  The crane and wood structures you can see on the dam are busy installing an inflatable flash board system.  When that goes in (not complete until next season) we should get a few more days fishing at Shawmut as the flood waters won’t be tearing out the flashboards.  Instead FPL will just deflate the system and inflate it after the water drops.  That translates to more days fishing for us because they won’t have to take several days to dump the impoundment above.

Levels are still high starting with the East Outlet running at 4,458CFS – but – there are people fishing the East at that level and catching fish.  I know, I know – I wouldn’t normally fish it at that level either but it’s been high for a month or so and people just have gotten feed up with waiting for it to drop.  If you decide to go to the East or anywhere else up and down the river to fish it while it’s still high do be careful.  The guys I know who have tried it haven’t gone out more than knee-deep and then worried about being swept off their feet.  Mostly they fished from rocks and ledge outcroppings where they could work the eddies below them.

Flagstaff is also high running at 1,190CFS.  And the same goes for the Dead River – people are fishing it and catching fish.  They are working the edges and finding that fish also don’t like the high fast water out in the middle.  The fish are holding close to the banks and the adventurous are getting hookups.

Now don’t go out fishing somewhere and get hurt or swept and then e-mail me all mad because I told you to go.  I’m not telling anyone to fish water they are uncomfortable wading. I’m just saying that if you look hard you can find fishable water – at almost any level.

The Carrabassett and Sandy have both dropped enough so that we should be wading.  However, there seems to be so much water in the main stem of the river that flows are still up.  That could change any day now.  Harris Dam is being pulsed and I expect Wyman to start pulsing soon.  That will bring the flows down quickly.

The West Branch of the Penobscot is still running about 3,100CFS and fishing quite well for this time of year.  Also the ponds are still producing and it’s a pond for me this weekend.  I haven’t walked into Lang Pond in quite awhile and I just may have to try it on Monday.

And one last thing – Spey Class was great and all who attended had a good time and cast better when they left.