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08/23/13 – Temps better and hatches ongoing

08/23/13 – A friend and I made a trip to Shawmut on Monday.  The water was warm – 73 degrees so we figured we’d target Smallmouth.  They were there and so were the bugs.  Blue Winged Olives by the thousands swarming all around you or anything else that broke the current.

Thousands of these over the water.

That was 4 days ago and the cooler nights are dropping the river temps.  I suspect Shawmut will have trout temps soon and with hatches like these we’ll see surface activity.  I’d sure like to spend an afternoon on the flat above the island working that 12-inch water for roaming browns. As you can see in the video at the  bottom of the page there are lots of them flying around

The flows are reasonable up and down the river. The East Outlet is staying at 1,800CFS (nice level I think) and Harris is doing it’s normal thing of running low until 10:00am and then flushing rafters down through to join the Dead’s flow – the Dead is at a nice 410CFS.   And so it goes on down the river.

Bingham is staying at a very fishable level (1,400CFS) until 11:00 am for late risers and then it’s jumping to 4,400CFs but as a bonus at 6:00pm it’s dropping back to 1,400CFS for the rest of the night.  Good place to be since the water there is finally below 70.

Williams (Solon) is at 2,300CFS and Madison is at 2,800CFS – easy wading flows.  Both waters have produced right through the heat but not consistently.  Both waters should step up a notch soon.

Shawmut, as I said above is running in the low 70’s but should be in the 60’s soon.  The puzzle of why Sidney is showing 11,000CFS and Shawmut’s White Rock is high and dry continues.  Sidney was reading 11,000CFS last Monday and after subtracting the Sebasticook’s flow you would have guessed Shawmut was running high.  It was anything but high.  The White Rock was sticking a good foot out of the water.  Go figure.

On a followup to the pond adventure I made last month here’s a link to a video I took at the pond.  There was a good sized Bull Moose there to greet me when I arrived.  He was a big guy yet went right out of sight wading so deep. It’s worth watching the video to see the amount of bugs that are driven airborne when he goes submarine on them. Click to see Moose Video.