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08/28/09 – high water

08/28/09 – The water temperature is back down already. This morning’s reading was 66 degrees. That’s great but the flow and level is still high. Wish I could tell you something else. I have gotten a couple of phone calls from people who have fished Solon and Madison at the present levels and they told me I’m a sissy if I can’t wade the flows we are having. So I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again.

When I say flows are high that doesn’t mean you can’t fish the edges. I don’t care if the East Outlet is 5,000CFS plus if I drive up there I can find somewhere to fish. I might be wading around tree trunks to find a spot where I think I can hook up but I can find a place to fish instead of just driving home. But I’m not wading out into the river at that flow. Sticks and stones and all that – call me a sissy but I’m not wading Madison at today’s 6,040CFS flow either. I might fish the edges of it. I may Spey cast and swing streamer out 60 or 80 feet from the bank but I’m not wading 60 or 80 feet out and short line nymphing – nope – not me but anyone who wants to is welcome to the water. With that said here are some flows for you.

East Outlet still high at 3,024CFS (high)
Roach 115CFS (wadable)
Harris Dam 4,950CFS (high)
Dead River 950CFS (high)
Bingham – 5,950CFS (high)
Solon – 5,700CFS (which is high but still fairly wadable in the area by the dam but you have to pick your spots – good float level)
Madison – 6,040CFS (high)
Shawmut – 8,137CFS (high)

So there you have it. With the rains we have coming I don’t see these waters dropping much. Smaller waters like the St. George and Sheepscot have wadable water. The Moose is down just a little and running at 1,751CFS which means it’s headed in the right direction.

Some caddis still showing. Leadwing Coachman and Cream Cahills are still around. Ponds are still fishing well – don’t forget to try dragonflies nymphs if there isn’t any surface activity.