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08/29/08 – water cooling

08/29/08 – How about it – the White Rock is showing – check out the picture – haven’t seen that rock for aWhite Rock at Shawmut month. 07/18/08 is the last entry I show with wadable water. Not only is the White Rock showing they are putting the flash boards up.  Very nice.  The water flow has been crazy.

Flow GraphJust to show you how quick it can change check out the graph showing flows.  If you enlarge it you can easily see how quickly the water dropped when they pushed the buttons that close the gates. About 2:00pm it was around 11,000CFS and by midnight the flow was down around 4,000CFS.  Levels all up and down the river are low enough to start fishing again.

Well almost anyway.  Yesterday the East Outlet was down to 2048CFS and today they bounced it back up and it’s running at 2,950 but I think it will be lower again tomorrow.  The reason I say that is the Moose River is down today and running at 1,886CFS down from the 3,000CFS – plus level it has been at for weeks.  When the Moose (flowing into Moosehead) drops they normally drop the outflow.

Going down the river flows are much better.  Bingham is running at 6,300CFS most of the day – high? – yes but yesterday it was down to 4,600CFS most of the day and could well be at that level again tomorrow.

Solon is at 5,700CFS – very fishable.  I’m going to have to float that soon.  Madison runs at the same flow as Solon and so it will be at 5,700CFS all day.

Shawmut is at 3,400CFS – darnright low.  The upriver levels will likely be down by tomorrow as it is common to see a big drop and a small bounce and then stable flows.  Enlarge the graph above and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway there are also hatches. Small MayflySmall mayflies like this guy(I’m not sure what the one on the right is)  and then there are larger ones like the Cahill on the left. The Cahill is late they normally peter out by Light Cahill Mayflythe middle of August but it has been so cool they are still around.  A neat thing about this one is that you can see all the identifying colors Tom Ames talks about in his book.  To quote him “Variegated yellow to orange abdomens and salmony thoraxes are coupled with a distinct yellow cast to the dun’s wings.” and if you enlarge that picture you can certainly see the yellow cast to the wings and the salmony thorax.

Rainbow TroutAnd better yet there are still fish in Shawmut.  I caught this rainbow last Saturday. The level was still high so I was out in the canoe and it was late (full dark) before a hatch brought some fish up but it was worth the wait to have an opportunity to cast at a rising fish.  Just haven’t seen much of that this summer.  Not much at all with the levels being so high.

Work is still going on at the dam and here’s a pictureDam Construction Work of the “houses” they are building.  These will be anchor points and work stations for the inflatable bladder they are going to install. They are slowly putting flashboards up as they work and should have them all up today or tomorrow.  If you have Windows Media Player you can watch a video by clicking this link. In the video I sweep the top of the dam and you can see the barge they are working off and some workers putting flashboards up.

So there you have it.  The levels are good here at Shawmut and getting better up above.  Time to start fishing the Kennebec again.  Oh, one last thing – water temperature this morning is 68 degrees.  This should be a good September and October.