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09/04/09 – water warm

09/04/09 – Well flows are finally better down here in Fairfield but still high out of Moosehead and Flagstaff. I don’t know where the excess flow they are dumping out of the major impoundments is going but here flows are good. Water temperature is 68 degrees (checked it with two different thermometers because that seems low) and will climb some during the day but the cool nights seem to be holding temps down – thankfully. Shawmut's White RockAs you can see the White Rock is showing (flow is 5,600CFS) and the seagulls have already started to paint it. The White Rock is also sporting some weed growth which shows how long it has been submerged. Weeds on the top of the White Rock are unusual.

Speaking of weeds the weeds are sparse. The heavy weed growth we’ve seen over the last few years has really been knocked back by the high levels and hard flows. Weeds cover the bottom but there were no weeds worth mentioning that were tall enough to reach the surface. Wading out to the White Rock this morning was easy and I had no weeds wrapped around my legs.

There are lots of bugs streamside – little hatching this morning as most of the hatches are evening hatches this time of year.

The bugs I did see are Leadwinged Coachman, quite large Black Caddis, small Blue Winged Olives and Cahills. Standard fare for this time of the season.

Veiw of the Shawmut DamWork is progressing on the dam. They have one section of the new inflatable bladder up and holding back water. The second section is close to ready for the bladder and the final section, I’d say, is getting close to ready for the final cement pour. You can easily tell the section that is complete in the picture by the black top (left of picture). The middle section that is almost ready is also easily recognized by the bright white new concrete face they have poured. While the third and final section (extreme right) is the dingy old gray concrete. I’m sure they’ll be glad to get this job over. Probably as happy as we fisherman will be.

This has been a long project but it should help river flow control and will eliminate the problem of flashboards and the dangerous wading they cause. They have done well to keep this project going with the high flows we’ve endured.

Hopefully, now that flows have dropped FPL will be able to recover one of their containment booms that broke away from the construction Containment boom that broke free from damsite. The high water dragged the boom all the way down to the culverts above the Pasture Pool. It’s a long boom but not far from shore so it should be easy for them to get out to it and hook a rope to it. Pulling it back to shore may be a trick but I’m sure they can get it.

Here are some flows around the state.

Moose River – 1,622CFS – finally coming down
East Outlet – 3,016CFS – still very high I fished it Monday and it was tough going at that level.
Harris Dam – 5,050CFS most of the day – also high
Flagstaff – 846CFS – high
Williams Dam (Solon) 4,440CFS which is a great flow
Madison – 4,520CFS – still a bit high but fishable just be careful where you wade. The edges are plenty safe at that level.
Shawmut – 5,029CFS – nice level

So that’s it – some improvement. Good bug life, lower flows except for the big lakes which they are trying to drop. Small streams are fishing very well and that’s where I’ll be fishing this weekend; probably Tumbledown Dick stream up by camp. Get out and enjoy the fishing as a lot of waters close the end of this month.