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09/06/13 – Water temps good – caddis active

09/06/13 – The cool nights have done the trick – water temps are good almost everywhere.  And, while the recent DOWNPOURS drove the flows up most waters have dropped right back to wadable.  One place that didn’t bump up much is the West Branch of the Penobscot.  The flow at the West Branch is only 2,500CFS and holding.  There is a big dam repair project down towards Medway and until that’s done Cinnamon CaddisBrookfield Power is holding back as much water as they can.  It’s a good thing right now but when they start dumping it may drive the flows up for the last couple of weeks this month. That would be too bad – hopefully the project will take them until the end of the month which will assure us good flows.  And just as a reminded don’t forget the West Branch closes the end of the month.

One of the bugs you’ll see plenty of are Cinnamon Caddis. The great picture you see here isn’t mine it’s from which is a site you should become familiar with if you have an interest in trout food.

These caddis are made for wet fly swinging or dead-drifting.  The adult females dive below the surface to lay eggs and then float back to the surface and if they can they will dive again until they are exhausted and die.  So they spend a lot of time both under and on the water.  A simple wet fly swing will often bring a strike and like most times it’s a good idea to let your fly hang for a bit at the end of the swing. These caddis were active on the West Branch yesterday (in between what seemed like 15-MPH wind gusts that swung my canoe upstream while on anchor when they swirled) and so were the salmon.

The Kennebec Flows had a bump as a result of the rain but flows have quickly dropped to good levels.  The Sandy is around 700CFS down from it’s high of 4,000CFS (on the 2nd it went from 400CFS to 4,000CFS in 12-hours) and that’s a good thing for the Madison levels.

Starting at the top the East Outlet is running around 1,200CFS – great flow unless you’re in a driftboat – then it’s a little skinny. Harris is pulsing for the rafters mid-morning but staying at 340CFS after 1:00pm.  The Dead is only running 294CFS which means you’ll have good levels from Flagstaff to The Forks. Bingham which never bumped real high this week is staying at 2,800CFS all day and Solon is a comfortable 2,900CFS for the day.  All good stuff and all should stay that way over the weekend.

Get out and fish.