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09/12/08 – Hanna dumps rain

09/12/08 – Well as promised Hanna gave us a fair amount of rain followed a few days later by even more.  Levels are still high, water temperature out back is 61 degrees, clarity good but with this level (8,500CFS) there Water Flow Graphwon’t be many of us fishing it.  As it has been the river is low enough to be tempting but high enough to discourage most.

The East Outlet is running at 3,000CFS plus, Harris is humming away at 7,500CFS all day (although it’s at 325CFS until 10:00am which keeps the level around the Forks down until about noon – the mouth of Moxie calls), Bingham is not pulsing but instead flowing at a steady 5,600CFS and Williams (Solon and Madison) are running at 5,900CFS.  There’s a lot of water in the system and soon the lakes will have to be drawn down to the winter levels so even without rain the flows will be strong.  So it’s smaller feeder streams again for me this weekend.

A lot of waters close at the end of the month and so perhaps you should think of some spots you haven’t fish yet this season and go visit them – even with high water you can always work the edges.  I’ve hit a lot of ponds this season (and they’ve fished well) but didn’t get them all.  There are a couple I still want to try but I’ll probably miss them as I crave moving water – just haven’t fished enough of it this season.

Webber Pond is going to be dumped down to winter levels soon.  The 15th they will pull the boards on the dam.  That means

Cannon Bunny Dun

a lot of Alewives will be headed down 7-Mile Stream.  That may bring some Stripers up into the river but I wouldn’t bet money on it.  However, even if it doesn’t there should be some bigger fish around taking advantage of the bounty.

The Dead River is still running over 1,000CFS.  The Moose is a thought as it has been running up around 2,000CFS and recently was cut way back.  Might be some good fish holding up by the dam but expect crowds.   The West Branch is another water that is fishable – it’s at the 3,100CFS level it has hung at all summer and remember it closes the end of the month.  Fish it while you can.

English Pheasant TailHatches have backed way off.  Get out the midges.  There will be Little Mahogany Duns into October along with the ever present Blue Winged Olives. The Olives will be the tiny guys, Baetis or Acentrella – use a 18 to 24 hook or throw those 16’s and 18’s and hope for a fish who forgot to bring his ruler.

All in all the Kennebec River has been too high most of the summer.  The good part of that is the fish have had feed and little stress from heat. I guess you could also say it’s good that the high water has forced a bunch of us Kennebec Addicts to search out some other waters.  However, I for one am hoping the levels drop and we get some decent wading levels for the next month or so.  With water temperatures like we have now if we can get wading levels we should have a spectacular October. (maybe even the last two weeks or so of September after all it’s only the 12th)