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09/18/09 – water cooling

09/18/09 – Flows are good up and down the river. Temperatures are down into an acceptable range (67 degrees last night out back of tCinnamon Caddishe shop) and there are still hatches of both mayflies and caddis flies. One caddis that is still active is the Cinnamon Caddis which is nicely imitated with a tan to brown winged Elk Hair Caddis. The Elk Hair Caddis with the bleached (almost white) wing is really too light but often works also. The picture of the Cinnamon Caddis you see here is from which is a site you should become familiar with if you have “match the hatch” interests. Great site.

Ted's Diving Caddis imitationTry a tan LaFontaine Caddis Deep Sparkle Pupa for or a Ted’s Diving Caddis for the Egg layers. These are size 14/16 flies and fish like them. The other good thing about them is they are emerging or diving to lay eggs so if the current drags or swings the fly some it’s not a problem because these aren’t dead-drift flies instead they can be fished with a lift or swing without spooking fish.

Now that the evening temps have driven the water temperature down into an acceptable range fishing is going to get nothing but better. October promises to be a good month and although I sure didn’t think I’d be saying this the one thing that will help October is a rain. Not a hurricane or tropical storm – just a good steady day long soak. That would get things moving and bring some spawners up into the river pools.

Here are some flows for you.

Harris is at 325CFS until 8:00am and then jumping to 750 until 10:00am and then jumping to 5,000CFS until 5:00pm – good flows for the Forks area for the early part of the day. They will then drop the flow to about 750CFS until midnight. Almost makes it worth climbing up and down the stairs at Carry Brook. The Dead River flow is 546CFS. Wyman’s (Bingham) flow is also pretty good with a 2,100CFS flow until 11:00am and then a 4,000CFS pulse until 5:00pm and a drop back to 2,100CFS which should make for a good evening rise.

Solon and Madison are at 2,600CFS all day and that’s an easy level. Shawmut is also fairly low at 3,187CFS. Very wadable levels.

Get out there and give it a shot.

Oh, almost forgot. The West Branch of the Penobscot is at the 2,300CFS level they said it would be and should stay that way the rest of the month. GLS is at 500CFS and fish are in the stream.