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09/20/13 – Holy Kype Batman – “It must be fall”

09/20/13 – Hatches definitely waning – I didn’t see one caddis on the water last night.  However, there were scattered rises and they did come up for a dry or two.  One thing for sure they are “Kyping” up.  This guy took my Muddler for something he wanted (dead

Holy Kype Batman

drifted the Muddler over the lip of a pool and then started stripping it) and made quite a splash when he took it.  He made quite a few more splashes before I got him to the net. He tore my Muddler up but with teeth like that how could he help it.

This salmon was in a stream I could easily cast across.  The Brookies and Landlocks have both started returning to the streams.  For a lot of counties streams close at the end of the month – Don’t miss this action – only two weekends left.  The fish are in prime shape for spawning, there are no bugs, flows are low and the fish haven’t developed “pre-spawn Lockjaw” yet – go fish.

With that said here are the flows for the Kennebec. I suspect they will stay much like this over the weekend and “this” is ALL SYSTEMS GO you can wade and fish the whole river.

The upper river is running on the top edge of flows but fishable.  The East Outlet is just over 2,000CFS and Harris won’t drop below 4,500CFS this evening making for high water down to The Forks.  High but fishable.  The Dead is only adding about 500CFS so all of the Dead is wadable.

Below that it’s all good.  The high for Wyman (Bingham) is 3,900CFS for the day and from 1:00pm on the flow is only 2,000CFS which is great. Same sort of flows the rest of the way down the river.

We should be seeing Fall Brookiesome Blue Winged Olives starting their midday fall hatch but hatches are slowing.  BWO’s and midges make for tough fishing.  Oh, by the way did I mention that the Brookies are just as “Kyped” up  as the Landlocked Salmon?