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09/25/09 – some water closing

09/25/09 Feast or famine. Too much water or too little water. That’s the story for this summer and fall.
Water temperatures are great – 58 degrees out back of the shop. Flow here in Shawmut is 2,274CFS, which is easy wading. There are even some fish showing. Smallmouth are still active and some trout have finally moved up from the impoundment. However like most of the waterways around (I can’t believe I’m saying this) we could use some water to get fish moving. How strange. Here are some flows up and down the river.

East Outlet – a comfortable flow of 1,352CFS

Harris – 5,000CFS until 2:00pm and then dropping to 325CFS for the rest of the day – nice

Flagstaff – 400CFS very fishable

Wyman (Bingham) – 2,300CFS until 6:00pm and then dropping to 1,200CFS (no fish is safe)

Williams (Solon) – 1,900CFS – wade almost anywhere – easy wade from the West shore out to Gray’s Island

Madison – 2,410CFS (and it’s fishing well)

Shawmut – 2,274 and it has started

So you should be out there if you can go. The Moose (809CFS) and the West Branch (2,145CFS) are closing the end of September. That makes this the last full weekend for them. Remember the whole Kennebec is open all of October and the East Outlet (down to the Beach Pool) is open year round as is section from Madison to tidewater.

The end of the Beach Pool open water is marked by a long yellow stripe on both banks. Look for the stripes and you’ll see themBeach Pool marker. There is a welcome addition to the Beach Pool area – an outhouse. It may not sound like much of an addition but it will help keep the area around the Beach Pool a lot cleaner. (just to be safe bring you own toilet paper – you never know)

We may get some of the rain we need on Sunday and perhaps a bit on Monday. As long as what we get is a rain and not a downpour it will be a help.

Don’t give up on the season yet. Get out there and follow Blackghost’s example and post some pictures of your catch and the stream (of course don’t spot burn) – leaf peeping is about to get into full swing some of you should be able to come up with some nice shots. The forum could use some nice color shots.