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09/26/08 – fishing good

09/26/08 – Well it’s taken weeks but the water flow has stabilized, the temps are perfect, levels are great, hatches have started back up, fish are working and life in general is great.  That is if you don’t think about the Landlocked Salmonrain that is supposed to start this afternoon and continue right through until Monday morning followed closely by more rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Oh, well that’s the way it has gone all summer why should it change?

Yet those who have made it onto the water are finding fish, like the Landlocked Salmon you see on the right, are willing to take a fly if you put it out there for them.  This one was caught in the Moosehead area.

Flows are generally good today up and down the river with Shawmut being low for the first time this whole summer.  It’s low because as they said last week they have completed the concrete pour they had to do on the Shawmut Dam and are in the process of refilling the Shawmut/Skowhegan impoundment.  They are also putting the flashboards up on the Winslow (Hydro-Kennebec, I think it’s called today) dam so water down river is also low.

Lots of Alewives in the river – no stripers to speak of – one here two there – sad turnout for stripers this year.

Hatches are still holding on – actually getting stronger.  The fall Blue Winged Olives haven’t started but there are still small tan caddis, black caddis around during the day and yellow bodied mayflies (maybe still sulphurs still?) showing.  I haven’t seen the evening hatch as it’s dark by the time we close the shop now so I just haven’t hit Shawmut in the evening.

I won’t get to fish it in the evening this weekend either as Sunday Linda and I head to Vermont for the annual Orvis Dealer meeting.  And while I’m thinking about it let me mention that we won’t be open Tuesday as we’ll still be in Vermont but we will be here Wednesday and back on our regular schedule