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10/03/08 – fishing good

10/03/08 – The flow is again high. Probably will be for another 4 or 5 days. Flows are dropping in the Carrabassett and Sandy Rivers but when they drop there is a fair amount of main stem Kennebec water coming right behind it.  However, you don’t have to go far above Shawmut to get into some good levels. Nice Brook Trout

Solon and Madison are running at 2,900CFS which is a great level but don’t count on it staying quite that low for the whole weekend.  As soon as the Carrabassett and Sandy drop they will let more water out of Solon.  However it shouldn’t blow it out and if you can get up to either water before it comes up you should do well.

Speaking of doing well, you may have noticed the trout pictures blinking and the salmon picture below.  Check them out and rest assured they are still swimming around out there.

All I can say about this salmon and the trout in the pictures is they came from Maine waters.  Oh, I can also say, in the way of a hint that the waters are closed now 🙂 But there are fish out there in open waters that Landlocked Salmonrival these fish.  And to help you find some of them here’s a list of counties I found S-24 water in. (S-24 being Extended Season – Remains open to open water fishing from October 1 – December 31: artificial lures only; all trout, landlocked Salmon, and togue must be released alive at once.)

The counties I found with S-24 waters are:
and for a bonus here’s a link to those waters listed as year round.  So there you go – take a look I’ll bet you can find some water to fish.  Please remember to check your law book instead of just trusting my list.  I’ve been known to make a mistake now and them. 🙂  Another reason for checking your law book is there are a number of water that are listed as open in October and they don’t show up in the S-24 lists.  I’ll try and put together a list of the October ponds, streams and rivers.  If I get it done I’ll add them here and post a notice on the forum.

Anyway back to fishing in the Kennebec.  Remember the whole of the Kennebec River is open until the end of October.  So besides Solon and Madison you might want to be checking the East Outlet which is running at 1008CFS today and other locations up and down the watershed. Fishing should be good most anywhere right now and it would be a shame to waste any days as there are few left.  Get out there and go fishing 🙂

OK – back with an update – here’s a link to a page which has a list of Fall Waters, by County.  These waters don’t appear in the S-24 listings but do allow for fishing beyond September.
Check the list out by following this link:  Fall Waters