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10/04/13 – Just a couple of days late

10/04/13 – OK, so it’s really the sixth not the forth.  However, I had lots to get done so I could return to camp and Friday just disappeared before I knew it.  And Saturday, well it was so beautiful I just had to fish.  So, fish I did.  It was a worthwhile effort.

Landlocked Salmon

Enough so that I’m headed back today.  Love this fall fishing.  Blue Winged Olives are hatching in the afternoon and fish like this one are hitting anytime they feel like it.  I happened to be lucky enough to cast while this guy was feeling pugnacious.

The flows are sure a mix.  You have to hunt around a bit but you can find water.

The East Outlet at Moosehead is running at a hard flow of 4,000CFS plus.  Bad Ju-Ju. Harris is no better with a 7,800CFS number.

Thankfully the Dead is only running at 300CFS so that water is reasonable and often good this time of year. I don’t know where all that water is going because as you would expect Wyman (Bingham) Dam is running at a solid 5,000CFS and has been.  BUT when you get down to Solon and Madison flows are pretty good.  Solon is running at 4,350CFS and Madison is at 5,000CFS – high for some but very fishable. I got some nice fish there last week at that level.

I guess they’re holding water in the Solon impoundment but that has to fill up soon.  When it does hopefully, the upper headwater lake levels will be down and they will drop the East and the Gorge so that those of us who like the upper river get to fish it before spawning lockjaw sets in.

As you can see the fish are in prime shape and the October color show is in full swing.  Get out and fish.

Check out these mushrooms – they are putting out so many spores the ground looks like it is covered with dust.

Mushroom Spores














Another interesting one.

Red Lobster (I think)














Great Sunrises

Great Sunrises














Great Fish

Color me happy with this fish