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10/25/13 Bugs are Small and Smaller

10/25/13 – This fall is treating us well.  There are good flows and while the last couple of days have been cool, all in all, it has been a mild fall.  But, for sure, the hatches are failing. I haven’t seen a caddis in awhile and other than the occasional Leadwing Coachman

Blu Winged Olives ?

I’ve seen nothing but small mayflies.  Like the two show here. I mean – which one of those do you want to imitate the size 20 or the size 28? At least they were on the water and bringing fish up – AT SHAWMUT.   More on that later.

Lets get to the river.  Fishing is still good.  Lockjaw hasn’t set in and there is still an afternoon hatch and flows are good up and down the river.

Starting at the East Outlet we have a flow of 1050CFS – great for wading – a bit bumpy for driftboats.  Then we have Harris – only flowing 340CFS for most of the day – I’m heading for the Gorge as soon as I finish this.

Dropping down to Bingham we find more of the same.  Bingham’s flow will be about 2,100CFS all day and that sort of level continues down the river. Madison is only 2,500CFS and Shawmut is at about 4,500CFS – great, easy wading.

However, wading Shawmut hasn’t produced very well for me. I can find fish in the Pasture Pool and the day before yesterday there Pasture Poolwere 5 to 8 trout working the Pasture Pool during an afternoon hatch and it was calm.  I never did manage a trout on a dry but did get to set up on a couple and get one or two casts in before they moved on (or my casting drove them away 🙂 )

Nope, I couldn’t do the dry fly thing but before the hatch (which ran from about 2:30 to 4:00) I poled to top of the Pasture Pool and drifted to the bottom throwing a 250-grain, Depth Charge line.  I found a couple and one of them I managed to get to the boat.  Not a real healthy fish but a fish for sure.

After the hatch and my unsuccessful attempts to hook up using a dry I repeated my drifting and Depth Charging but couldn’t hook up again.  I suspect they were all full of those tiny BWO’s and Leadwinged Coachman they were feeding on.

Yesterday was just too windy so I didn’t go back and today I’m heading north but Saturday I plan to go back and give it another shot at Shawmut.  Nice to see a few trout there even if they were  below the wading area.

Shawmut was so low that one of the REAL AND DANGEROUS hazards down in the Pasture Pool showed itself. This hazard I’ve dubbed Sharp Steelthe Can-Opener because of its shape and position.  Normal flows most boats would go right over this but when the flow drops to 5,000CFS or below this thing becomes a potential – big problem. It stems from a very large piece of steel and has resisted all effort to hook onto it and move it or at least tip it over.

Anyway, below is a picture of the trout I took and below that a picture of the LARGER of the Blue Winged Olives I was seeing.

Enjoy and go fish before it’s all over.




Shawmut Brown – although it looks like a Salmon I do think it’s a Brown.

Trout taken below Shawmut  Dam















Tiny Blue Winged Olive

A Small One