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10/30/09 – fishing good

10/30/09 Well, this is just about the end for most of the Kennebec. Tomorrow, Halloween, is the last day you can legally fish between Madison and the East Outlet. Or said another way from Sunday on the East Outlet (down to the Beach Pool) and the section of river from the lower Madison Dam to the ocean are the only sections of the Kennebec River you can legally fish. Don’t forget because the fine is hefty.

Of course there are other waters that remain open and you can find them in the rule book or by searching the Inland Fish and Wildlife site. To search the IF&W site click on this sentence. It will take you to a map of Maine’s counties. Click on the county you want to fish and it will open the Special Regs section of the rule book for that county. S-24 is the Special Reg you’re looking for and by scrolling down you can find the waters that stay open beyond Halloween.

There is another way to find the S-24 waters and it is a timesaver. Just hold the Control key down and hit the F key. That will open up a search box. Type s-24 into the search box and hit enter – that will highlight the S-24 waters on the entire page. A quick count of Somerset County waters listed as S-24 showed me about 100 bodies of water that are open until December 31st or freeze-up – whichever comes first.

Hatches are about done and fish are getting close enough to spawn so that lockjaw is setting in. Thank goodness they don’t all spawn at once or we’d really be out of luck. But since they don’t all spawn at once there are still some willing fish out there.

As to flows water levels are coming down from last weekends rains. Here are some for you.

East Outlet is at a friendly 1,020CFS and I got an email yesterday saying that the East is still fishing well. Here’s a quote from his email covering his two hours of fishing. “Largest brookie was 16 inches and the largest salmon was 20 inches (7 salmon all over 16 inches).

The gorge below Harris Dam is at 325CFS until 10:00am and then it bumps to 2,400CFS until noon. From noon until 5:00pm it will drop back to 325CFS – great day to fish the gorge.

The Dead is flowing at 205CFS.

Bingham is at 3,950CFS until noon and then drops to 1,300CFS until 5:00pm – great flow.

Solon is at 2,300CFS and at that flow you can wade a lot of water.

Madison is at 3,400CFS and that’s a bit high but fishable. Should be dropping today and tomorrow.

Shawmut is at 7,000CFS and it’s a strong flow with a lot of push – barely wadable.

Well, that’s about it for today – look for Blue Winged Olives about 2:00pm and swing some bright streamers. You should get some action. I’m off to do some Steelhead fishing in New York this weekend and won’t be back until Tuesday night late. So we won’t be open on Tuesday the 3rd but we will be here on Wednesday the 4th. Wish me luck.