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11/07/08 – nothing but bottom

11/07/08 First off the Shawmut levels are still too high despite slowly coming down.  I’ll post on the Forum tomorrow if the White Rock peeks out. Water temperature is 47 degrees.  The mild nights and sunnyFishing flies - snagged off bottom days (until today) have been keeping the water temperature in a good range.  I hit Madison (which has been fishing fairly well) yesterday morning and swung streamers with my Spey.  I was using the sink tip on a Multi-tip Spey line and had one break-off – no fish to net.  I did catch the two flies you see on the right.  They are hanging down from the Bead Head Minnow I was using.  I had just mended my line when I felt a tug and then nothing – figured I’d just nicked bottom.  Well I had and those two flies are what I picked up from it – seems someone else thought the tail of that pool looked like a likely holding spot.

While Madison has been a bit high it has been very wadable and fishable.  Midge and Blue Winged Olives but not much Wyman Dam flow chart shows high water.else for hatches.  The river still has a lot of water to dump it seems. The online flow chart (click to enlarge) for Wyman is still showing large dumps of water every day.   Thankfully the big pulses of water are metered out by the Solon and Madison Dams.  I would be heading for Madison again tomorrow morning but it looks like the Sandy River is rising and that may put Madison out of play.  The Sandy was about 600CFS yesterday and today is already over 1,100CFS and climbing straight up.  Guess I won’t be posting anything about the White Rock after all.  Sandy River Flow Chart showing high water

Anyway, the East and West Outlets are holding fish and those levels have been holding steady.  I sure wish the flow phone was still active.  It’s a long drive to the East Outlet just to peek at the river to figure out the flow.  But high or not you can bet if I made the trip I’d find a section (above the Beach Pool) that I could fish.

It will be lake fishing for me this weekend.  It seems Pemadumcook Lake (where our camp is) falls under the Special Regulation S-24 and so is open year round.  There’s a rock ledge out in front of our camp that provides spawning for Togue.  And even though the waters temperatures aren’t cold enough for the Togue spawn to start I think I’ll be doing some streamer flinging with my Spey Rod.  Who knows there may be some togue cruising that shoreline looking for the perfect spawning spot. Worse case I’ll get in a few more hours or practice casting before the water gets hard. One thing I know for sure is if I don’t go fishing I won’t catch anything.