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12/05/13 -I’m a Book Guy

I’m a book guy – a bibliophile.  I love to read books, stand and gaze at stacks of books, browse titles looking for one that peaks my interest, the smell of books.  And best of all I love to sit and read them.

All types – a myriad of topics and types and I own a lot of them but most of my library consists of fly fishing and fly tying books.  Many of them are instructional books that I reference in preparation for one fly fishing trip or another. My big regret when it comes to my books is I can’t take them with me. But I’ve found I can take the contents.

When I take to the water I have a copy of Dave Hughes, “Trout Rigs and Methods” which covers about any water flow and equipment combination I’m apt to face.  A veritable encyclopedia of fly-fishing methods for both moving and stillwater situations.  And I’ve got it in my hip pocket on my cellphone.

Oh boy, I like my free Kindle reader app for my smartphone.  Click that link and you’ll be able to download it also.  Or Barnes and Noble’s Nook app if you’re a Nook fan.  Either or both can keep a world of reference at your fingertips without having to purchase a Kindle or a Nook.  Their reader apps work just fine on PC’s and Smartphones without requiring you own either a Kindle or a Nook.

Of course, you’ll immediately be faced with the I’m not buying an e-copy of that book I already own a hard copy – or at least I was.  I often reference my printed copy of “Trout Rigs” and was tempted to buy an e-copy IN ADDITION to my print copy when I found “Trout Rigs” offered for free by Amazon.  Yep, the Amazon Kindle site offers free books occasionally at this location.  Not only did I get “Trout Rigs and Methods” within a week of picking it up free I got Dave Hughes “Handbook of Hatches” also free. Checking the free fishing book webpage has become a morning ritual for me.

Doing so has provided me with a lot more than these two books.  I don’t try to keep all my electronic books on my phone – I’ve got a Kindle for that, But these two quick reference books come in handy because I can use them if I’m on the water and stumped by the conditions and flows I find. No need to check late at night to find out what I could have or should have tried. I only need a few minutes streamside to get tips from one of the greats of our sport – Dave Hughes is on-stream with me! Too much.

And when I do get home if a good read is what I want or I need tying instructions for some pattern I got my hard copy books. But now if I’m staying at a camp or camping  – I’ve got ebooks that go with me. There’s “Yorkshire Trout Flies” by Pritt and “The Year of the Spider” by Philip Storey also free and sooner or later I’m going to find a book I’ve just got to have and I’ll now have to decide buy the book or buy the e-copy. That’s going to be hard.

So, while I’m a book guy who loves getting settled into a chair surrounded by shelves of books I’ve got to admit there’s something to this e-book thing.  Perhaps I can’t just sit and flip pages on my smartphone or computer but there something to be said for the ease of instant access and the ability to take your library with you.