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Early Yet

03/17/11 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all.

And St. Patrick’s Day is the only thing happy about it because I went out Sunday and have to admit I couldn’t bring a fish to net – even though KimL. did. Man it hurt to type that 🙂

But I did Crack in the shelf icego out and try and even without fish I had a great time. I hoped most of the shelf ice would be gone but that wasn’t to be. It seems the rise and drop in water level wasn’t enough to break the shelf ice off – but it did crack it – so it won’t be long before the shelf ice is gone. One thing I’m sure of is I don’t want to be walking out on any shelf ice when it looks like this.

I tried several spots on more than one river and found the same thing. I guess I’ll have to see if KimL will tell me where the UDL stream is – on second thought – I’m not sure I want a fish that bad 🙂

Anyway, one of the things I did enjoy was a reminder that St. Patrick’s Day was coming right along. It seems a Leprechaun has been out painting streamside sections green. He hasn’t gotten much done but he has started and it was nice to see.

A burst of Green

This green was hiding a secret – warmer water. It seems the water coming out of this hillside was about 6 degrees warmer than the river water. Just warm enough to bring out this early growth.

Now if I could find a spot like this with a bit more volume I would certainly spend some time fishing the section of river below it. But, alas, this was just a trickle and as soon as this water hit the main flow any warmth it had was quickly lost.

Another thing that I was happy about was my boots. 6 degree change from spring to river waterDespite the cold and snow the zippers on my Brogues worked just fine and the rubber soles just can’t be beat for trudging to and from the water through the snow. No snow or ice buildup on the tread – none. With felts that would have been a different story. It was also nice to have the aggressive cleats for crossing the icy sections of the rocks. The more I wear STUDDED rubber sole boots the more comfortable I become with them.

One thing I wasn’t surprised by and am never happy about was TRASH. Most everywhere I went I

Streamside trash

found the snow melt has exposed a winter’s worth of trash. Some people just don’t care. It’s sad. I didn’t go over towards Kimball Pond but I imagine that there is trash showing up there also and the landowner at Kimball is threatening to close off the parking area because of eternal trash. It’s not just there – statewide other peoples trash is a problem for landowners.

I know many of the people reading this are the flip-side of those who toss trash – instead we pick trash up and I want to offer up a big thank you to any of you take the time to clean up a spot when you see some slob has TRASHED it.

But all in all I had a couple of good outings this past weekend. Like I said no fish but it was great to get out and I know sooner or later the fish will bite.

Rubber Sole Wading Boots - with Studs