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08/30/13 – Things are Good – Go Fish

08/30/13 – Things are good – Go Fishing.  Water temps are back in the high sixties and dropping – flows are perfect up and down the

Light Cahill

river and there are still Light Cahills and Sulfurs  hatching along with Leadwing Coachmen, Blue Winged Olives and soon to come

White Flies.  I still like to fish mornings (when things get lighter and easier to see) but those Light Cahills and Sulfurs draw me to the river for the evening hatch – sometimes very late evening. Which is just fine.  I like throwing to rising fish if I can and so when the bugs hatch I fish.

And right now you can fish almost anywhere.  Flows are good.  The East Outlet is a bit high (just under 2,000CFS) but a “bit high” seems to be the new norm for our fishing.

The flow out of Harris is another story and after the morning bubble of water for the rafters (around 1:00pm) the flow will drop to 340CFS for the rest of the day – nice evening to fish the Gorge and Forks area.   At The Forks the Dead River will only add another 300 or so CFS making a lot of water available to fishers.

And so it goes on down the river. Bingham will stay down around 1,400CFS until 11:00am and then bump to 4,400CFS (not enough to send me home) until 6:00pm when it will drop back to 1,400CFS – great days worth of fishing – no down time if you want to spend the day.

You might want to break out some of your White Wulff flies of get some if you don’t have any.  White Flies will be hatching in week or White Flies - thousands every night once they startso and between now and then White Wulff’s make a good searching pattern as well as a passable Cahill imitation.  As you can see the White Fly hatches in mass once they start.  They also are one of the few mayflies that hatch, mate, lay eggs and die all in one night.  Short and sweet I guess.

Solon and Madison are both running under 3,000CFS which is very wadable – almost slow.  Madison seemed to hold up better through the hot weather but Solon is producing again and both are good destinations – especially at this level.  Great for learning the water if you haven’t fished it much.

Shawmut is low and slow.  Not much water moving.  I like it about 6,000CFS and it’s only about 3,500CFS.  It’ll be a couple of weeks before I hit Shawmut again (I’m up in Millinocket right now) but I’m going to work it hard when I get back.  I got holdovers there this spring and I figure it should produce some trout for me this fall.  I’ve been saying for awhile now that I couldn’t figure out the Sidney to Shawmut water flow calculation.  I’d subtract the Sebasticook Flow from Sidney’s flow and it would tell me Shawmut was raging.  I’d go look and the White Rock would be showing. It Reset of Sidney flow datajust wasn’t right. Well someone else must have noticed it because according to this graph the flow reading from Sidney were RESET.  Things are back to normal – I think.  I guess it doesn’t matter much with so few fishing Shawmut but it’s nice to get accurate information.

So break out some White Wulffs, go find your waders and rod and hit the rivers and streams -the game is back on the big waters.

White Wulff