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Another small stream – Another Waterfall

06/09/2015 – Rain today but not much wind.  So I loaded the canoe and headed upriver towards The Forks.  I launched my canoe on the 201 side of the river and poled up and across the Kennebec Canoe stored onshoreplaning to explore another tributary.  The flow was moderate and without the 10-15 mph winds we’ve been having I made good progress.

I pulled the canoe up (way up) onto the bank, flipped it over to keep my gear dry and started hiking. It wasn’t a bad hike, in fact, hiking was easy as I found myself on part of the Appalachian Trail.  I had blazes and signposts showing me the way.

Fast flowing streamThe stream was smaller than I had expected and the gradient was steep which made for lots of plunge pools and pockets.  Not many fish, however. I’m afraid that part of it never changed.  I caught fish – mostly small Brook Trout but there were quite a few small Landlocked Salmon hanging out as well.

And then I found the waterfall with a pretty good size pool that just yelled “Here’s where the big one hangs out!”  But it wasn’t to be.   No big fish there – at least not this trip.  I don’t doubt that pool occasionally holds a nice fish or two but it didn’t yield any big ones to my offerings.

Waterfall and poolOne thing that makes me think that pool holds some nice fish is someone hung a rope from a stout tree providing an assist to anyone climbing down to or up from the pool.  Perhaps swimmers and hikers made the effort to do that but I like to think it was a fisherman.

After hiking another mile or so up the stream with mostly the same results and a pounding rain I decided Climbing ropeto head back. One nice thing about a canoe is the ability to carry gear – lots of gear – and I was some happy to have a DRY change of clothes and a terrycloth towel.

Especially a towel that says Jameson on it –  it just seems that towel works better than most. It dries me and gets me thinking about how a hot toddy is a perfect end to a wet but fun afternoon and evening.

Dry clothes stashed away