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Pale Evening Duns

The West has their Pale Morning Duns and we here in Maine have our Pale Evening Duns. Pretty similar mayflies both being smaller than Hendricksons and both having a yellowish tint to the body. The male Evening Duns have large reddish eyes. I don’t believe that’s the case with the Morning Duns. I hate to […]

Starting up Soon

01/26/2013 – Yep, the Thursday Review and Friday Update live on.  After we retired I backed right out of the website maintenance and posting that I had been doing and just plain took a break.  Well, we’ve adjusted to life after the shop and we’ve established a routine of sorts that allows enough free time to […]

07/01/11 – fishing still good

07/01/11 – Happy July 4th weekend to you. I hope you get out to fish some as the fishing is still good. Shawmut water temperature this morning at 5:30am was 66 degrees – a great temp for the first of July. Shawmut was pretty this morning but it didn’t yield any fish for me. Two on […]

07/08/11 – warm water

07/08/11 – Well that warm water I was talking about last week is here.  71 degrees yesterday MORNING at Madison.  That’s getting up there for trout. Perhaps that’s why the guy I was fishing with and I only managed one Smallmouth Bass.  We did see a couple of refusals by what we think were trout […]

06/26/11 – fishing good

06/26/11 – Sorry about missing Friday. I was “Upta” camp but my computer wasn’t. I planned on taking it with me but when got there it wasn’t there and when I got home it was right where I left it – oops. However, Linda and I got home last night and here’s an update on […]

06/17/11 – fishing good

06/17/11 – The rivers and streams may still be high but if your not out doing it now your missing out. The Solon section is at 5,900CFS and that is high but you can fish it. Float trips are the best bet – there are nice fish being caught right now. Two guides that you […]